Mercury Hg Coming To PSN Next Week

I remember the original Mercury for the PSP. An enjoyable little puzzle game, it tasked you with guiding a blob of mercury around a tilting puzzle maze, whilst collecting bonuses, and reaching the finish with as much of the blob as possible remaining.

It’s now getting an HD release on the PSN as ‘Mercury Hg’. The game will be out on September 28th for £3.99/€4.99. There are 120 levels across the main game and two DLC packs, each level named after one of the periodic table element.

Players can stream in their own music from various music sources “so you get a kind of interactive jukebox that can be personified”. It’s also getting SIXAXIS functionality.

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. The origianl was my first PSP game. I loved it, and still do. Gonna buy this.

  2. If they changed the style to the rainbow land of Mercury Meltdown I will be very disappointed, as i really liked the original :l

  3. I played it on the Wii, was okay but no interest. Ugh I bet i’d play this more on the PSP but £3.99 won’t do any harm, nice price

  4. Loved the originals on psp. Still go back once in a while. Definitely will have a look. Surprised the didn’t go with this as a launch PS Vita with all it’s gyroscopes and back touch. Maybe they will.

  5. Been playing this for a month or so, it’s very slick.

  6. Is it move or sixthaxis motion sensor enabled? I remember the PSP was supposed to get a tilt sensor addon, but that never happened, did it?
    Loved Mercury on the PSP.

    • Oy vey, I must be blind. It says “Sixthaxis support” right there in the article.

  7. Getting!! I love Mercury and ercury Meltdown!

  8. Brill, SixAxis support is cool, Move would have been even better.

  9. Hg, huh? Funny.

  10. Cool, will be getting.

    Only *slightly* disappointed it’s “just” a HD re-release and not a new game. But it’s a cool game anyways, and a very nice low price. Trophy support, I wonder, or will it be classified as a mini?

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