XCOM Developer Diary

The first XCOM developer diary has been released onto YouTube and features a starring role for the 2K pot plants 24 seconds in. The video also includes some gameplay footage and asks the question ‘What is XCOM?’

The question it does not ask is ‘are 2K so strapped for cash they can’t even afford a wall to project things on and have to use a crumpled sheet instead?’

Source: YouTube



  1. Love the way the world they’re building and how the alien technology grafts itself into (and onto) it’s surroundings. Brutal juxtaposition of styles which highlights the conflict at all levels.

    Consider me very interested. Cheers, tc.

    • Looks like it’s just you who’s interested :)

      • I’m going to have to buy a few copies, I can see. :)

        I think I caught other comments off-guard with a lack of smut.


      • I’m interested, it’s just that I’m busy googling “brutal juxtaposition” – you just pwned my vocabulary.

  2. like the look of it went to preorder on shopto there telling me it is not confirmed for PS3 lol.

  3. Love the old Xcom games (Apocalypse was my fave) so really intrigued to see whether the reboot works – I sincerely hope it does.

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