Meet the Reader: C_Stewie15

Bring it on, say I. Massaging TSA’s collective ego is what this whole thing is about, really ;) How did you first stumble across TSA?

I posted a lot on OPM’s Facebook quite a bit, and I think it was Wilboss, PSM3’s Mr Trophy, who posted a link there that was from TSA. More and more of us started to follow TSA a bit more and one day I took the plunge and signed up, got commenting and joined the fun!

You seem to imply that you dragged along a bunch of other Facebookers with you?

They may have signed up, I don’t know. A lot of the people there post a lot of news links from TSA, so I presume a lot of them follow the site.

Oh I see! Are there any front page features you keep an eye out for, or would like to see make a comeback?

I’d love to see Lewis’ story thingies come back, but I’ve forgotten the name, and I think Murdo’s interviews of games industry people. I really enjoyed those.

Abridged Too Far?

That’s the one!

A firm favourite, there. We also run a whole boat load of competitions. I’m not sure if you’ve ever won anything, but has there been something you enjoyed taking part in?

The El Shaddai competition! Who doesn’t enjoy describing things as penises? I don’t really enjoy not-winning though.

The variety of answers to that question was pretty amusing. Specially the guy that said it looked like me.

Well, it is uncanny.

Very much so. A slightly scary question now, are there any TSA members that you’d actually quite like to meet? In fact, if you’re off to Eurogamer, it might already be too late, and you’ve already met people!

I can’t go to Eurogamer, unfortunately. I’d love to go, but alas, I need the money. They’re not so active here anymore, but I’d love to meet Liquescent Shadow and Hodgi92. Talk to those guys a lot outside of the site and they’re really lovely.

Some of the older members who’ve long faded. How long have you actually been about on TSA?

Am I allowed to look at my “Member since”? I’m not actually sure, but it was a while before I actually signed up. It took me a while to get involved and if I could do it again, I’d definitely get involved a lot sooner.

Then you’d be a cheater! 18th of February 2009, by the way. When you’re not playing games, or fervently pounding the refresh button on TSA for your latest snippet of news and whimsy, what other hobbies and interests do you pursue?

I don’t really have many other hobbies. I used to play a lot of sports, but unfortunately, I had to stop so I’m still trying to find something to fill that void. I do read from time-to-time as well as the odd movie.


What, like books? Voodoo! Moving pictures? The Devil!

Gaming books? I liked the Halo: Fall of Reach book, I was very upset when Halo: Reach didn’t follow that story and went off on a whole new tangent, which ruined what was supposedly canon. What games do you play if none of the pictures are moving?

Board games.

Touché! But the graphics on those are horrible. And Monopoly is always full of hacks and glitches.

Yeah, they could have coded the online play a bit better. Also, I Spy in single player is a firm favourite of mine. You mentioned right at the start that you used to play rugby. Been following the Rugby World Cup much?

I have been trying, but it’s on so early in the morning! Congratulations to Ireland for beating an in-form Australia; very impressive win.
I don’t rate England’s chances, though I am willing to be proven wrong!

There’s been a few good matches so far. It certainly feels quite open to whoever can find their form the quickest.

Absolutely. I think one of the great things about the sport being so young, professionally, is that a lot of the”minnows” are always surprising us, and being British, I do love a good underdog.

You spelt Bulldog wrong. They should do a British Bulldog World Cup. That’d be awesome. Or at least get it into the Olympics for next year.

I did love that game! Being a rugby player, knocking people over was sort-of my job.

They’d have to play on concrete, though. Hardcore.

Separate the men from the boys, that would.

Certainly would. You have some interesting plans for your life, I believe. Would you be willing to share with the TSA Massive?

Sure! I’ve married a beautiful American woman and I should eventually be emigrating over there. Without wanting to make this a sop-fest, I miss her terribly and hope the process goes by quickly. I’ll also try and go to E3, PAX and possibly CoD XP if they do it again the next time an Infinity Ward game rolls around.

Congratulations! Obviously we all wish you well with the Big Move. Which time zone are you going to be in?

I’ll be on the East Coast, so about 5 hours behind the U.K. I’m also hoping not to run into any hurricanes while I’m there, too.

You never know, they seem to get around a bit these days…

Well, the one there recently was about 2 hours away from where we will be living, so I hope they don’t get around that much!

It’ll be like The Day After Tomorrow. Just hole up in a library, burning books and you’ll be fine.

Providing I don’t get that annoying guy who was over-protective of his books, I’d get on fine.

Yeah, do what the Jake Gyllenhaal look a like tells you. Do you listen to the OMM podcast?

From time-to-time, yeah. I’m not much of a podcast listener, but I did listen to the podcast quite a bit when it was SecondNature back in the day.

Well I reckon you’re still qualified to answer Snog, Civil Partnership (presumably if it doesn’t work out in the US, unless you want to risk a polygamy charge), Smother with the trio of hosts. Peter, Lewis and Kris.

Yay, the awkward homosexuality question!

Well if they had a girl host, you’d have a wider choice.

Well, I would snog Peter, just because I hear he’s quite tall, and so I shouldn’t be able to reach him. I’m not sure snogging is chest is slightly more or less gay, though.

You could have a step ladder.

I’ve no idea what one of those are! Moving swiftly on….

No idea what a step ladder is?

That was sarcasm, so I wouldn’t have to kiss him!

Written text is tricky. So yes, moving swiftly along. Who are you going to settle down with, Lewis or Kris?

Er, probably Kris. Having him around the house to dance for me would be quite amusing. Then that leaves Lewis to smother. I feel like Lewis get’s smothered a lot in these, poor guy.

I assume this is where I now have to link to that video?


Lewis does get a fair bit of smothering, it’s true. Peter never dies. We’re sadly at the end of our little interview. Do you have any final words for your British fans? Perhaps an ominous warning for the Americas?

Not sure I have many fans, as most of the time I’m bashing the people who bash Call of Duty, but thanks guys for being an amazing site to read, watch and enjoy! And I think America has enough problems without me threatening them.

Thanks Stewie, for being willing to do this interview. I think this is quite possibly one of my favourites, so far.

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  1. Big up ‘Arlow! Nice to know someone else from here is here as well :) Have to get a pint mate!

    • I can see you’re from Harlow, because you don’t pronounce the H! :P

    • Wow o many ‘locals’ It is always a bit strange seeing someone from this area on an international site. I never get tired of seeing my neck of the woods mentioned in th media. Mind you I have moved up the road a bit now.

      • We’re in it at the moment with the sodding Passmores School on Channel 4 :D

      • I am SO glad I never went to Passmores after seeing that first episode. :P Burnt Mill ftw ;-)

      • Scandal! Stewards all the way ;)

  2. Nice read. Everyone seemed to have Pokemon when they were younger, then there’s me…I’ve never owned a Pokemon or MGS game, can I call myself a gamer now? :P Also Tef thanks for the subtle mention about the El Shaddai comp “Specially the guy that said it looked like me”.

  3. Good interview. Good luck in the USA! Pokemon got banned in our school as well (and probably everyone else’s), too many problems with kids stealing cards and then starting fights/running off crying etc.. It was so stupid.

    • We didn’t have Pokemon at our school but British Bulldog did get banned

    • Thanks for the well wishes :)
      Yeah, some guys cards got confiscated and put in a draw, later on, somebody stole them from the draw. Absolutely mental. It wasn’t me, before you say so! :P

  4. Hehe.
    I still have a shiny Charizard somewhere in my house, as long as my parents never threw it out by accident…

  5. Hello.

    Good luck with the move. :)

  6. Used to play bulldog on the hard tarmac playground, more abrasive than concrete and I was only 9!

  7. Nice to meet you, my favourite feature was probably Abridged too far as well :)

  8. Nice to meet you Stewie, and good luck in the US! :)

  9. Nice to meet you stewie and good luck over in the states.

  10. Look out! There’s a hurricane RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!! ;)

    • To the basement! Thanks for the interview Tef, was really fun. Still not got any Semolina yet.

      • Oh, be sure to look out for ‘coarse’ semolina. It’s much better for the thing I said. Fine semolina has different uses.

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