F1 2011 and Gears of War 3 Winners

Last week we ran a pair of competitions to win a bunch of excellent prizes. Both competitions were for games last week in the form of Gears of War 3 with a Calibur 11 Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Vault (say that quickly five times), alongside five copies of F1 2011, all up for grabs.

Without much further ado, lets have a look at who won!

To win Gears of War 3 we asked you to identify the music from the four rather lovely trailers that Epic have produced across the length of the trilogy of games.

The first trailer for the first game featured “Mad World” by Gary Jules, hence its title, whilst Gears of War 2 saw DeVotchKa lend their song “How It Ends” to a particularly emotive trailer. For Gears of War 3, Epic produced two trailers to mark the close of the story, Ashes to Ashes was released back in April, and featured “Heron Blue” by Sun Kil Moon. I spotted the final trailer on TV the other day, entitled Dust to Dust it features “Into Dust” from Mazzy Star.

The lucky chap that got all four answers correct and won was PoolieMike.

Congratulations are in order for him, and we hope he’ll enjoy the game and 360 Vault.

To win F1 2011, we set you a completely different task, asking you to predict the top ten racers from yesterday’s Singapore Grand Prix, along with David Coulthard’s Drive of the Day.

It was an interesting race, with some incidents that shook up the finishing order, so that predictions were often quite a way off the mark. In case you haven’t yet seen the race, you might want to scroll down a bit, as there are spoilers literally right under this paragraph.

  1. Vettel
  2. Button
  3. Webber
  4. Alonso
  5. Hamilton
  6. Di Resta
  7. Rosberg
  8. Sutil
  9. Massa
  10. Perez

With Paul Di Resta’s great drive for 6th place winning him the Driver of the Day award.

Some of the predictions were surprisingly accurate, with Samb5293 getting a fantastic seven positions correct! Adamguest1985 and Corbula both got six predictions correct, with Hazelam just behind on five.

With the first four copies squared away, we had to pick randomly for the eleven entrants who correctly predicted four of the results correctly. They were: SpikeyMikey (didn’t see that one coming!), Murdo, kamikarze, eatmylead, topgearsam, Peco, doomsday619, Ubersao14, thisisnotabba, dimjim94 and ashw92.

You can imagine our surprise when random.org picked eatmylead as our final winner, so congratulations to him. To be honest, we’d expected SpikeyMikey to take the prize, as usual, so we gave random.org a bit of a shake and tried until his number popped up at the third attempt. We’re only kidding, this is now definitive and unassailable proof that he doesn’t win all the time.

So, the final winners list was:

  • Samb5293
  • Adamguest1985
  • Corbula
  • Hazelam
  • eatmylead

This bit is important. All of the winners, from both competitions, should have emails from “[email protected]” requesting your real name and real address for us to have prizes sent to. So if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check your junk mailbox. You all have a week to reply, lest you forfeit your winnings.

We’ve got some plans for F1 2011 alongside Resistance 3 in the not so distant future, so I recommend you keep a close eye on TSA in the next week or two if you don’t want to miss out. Though there’s always the weekly Community Round-Ups in case you’ve not seen something.

These competitions were contributed to by pretty much the entire Community Team in some form.



  1. Totally not fair, the F1 must’ve been fixed somehow!!! ;-)

  2. I’m writing the F1 winners emails now, so they wont quite be in your inbox yet!

    • Ah good to know. I was going to say i’ve not had my email yet.

    • Sent now!

      • Got it and replied.

        For some reason it went in to my spam on gmail. Strange considering the last one didn’t.

      • This time I avoided using the word “winner” in the subject too to try and avoid the spam filter…strange!

      • Yeah, it was the “Want to be hung like a horse?” bit that did it, i reckon. :P

  3. Haha, yet another comp that I don’t win. I could swear I also got 4 correct!

    • Nope, you only got three. Vettel, Button and Rosberg’s positions were correct. You might have been a little bit too optimistic putting Heidfeld in 10th, he doesn’t even drive for Renault anymore! ;)

  4. Gutted lol, but congratulations to all winners.

  5. At the end of the day, as long as SpikeyMikey didnt win then the competition was a success in my book :oD

  6. Oh barnacles! Was hopinh to win this one. As always, congrats to the winners :)

  7. Congratulations to the winners for defeating SpideyMikey!

  8. Aww, poor SpikeyMikey – It’s turned into a bit of a witch hunt for him now!

    Still, i suppose he got a mention regardless, so it’s not all bad news!

    • it is fella, it is. haha. A mention will do…. for now

  9. Well done mateys!

  10. Congrats winners :)

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