Dark Souls Boss Battle Trailer Will Murder You

From Software have launched a new trailer to promote the upcoming Dark Souls.

The video showcases some of the tough-as-nails bosses you’ll encounter on your journey that you’ll unquestionably fail to beat until your thirtieth attempt.



Dark Souls releases in Europe on 7th October on PS3 and 360. We’ll have something up about the game soon, although a full review would probably take months.

Source: Youtube



  1. I actually want this. I have no idea why, I swear these masochist tendencies must be recently developed.

  2. I wonder if all the experience of Demons Souls would…help?.. pfft Dark Souls hard yrah right…


  3. I’ll get this from the bargain bin because then it won’t feel like I wasted a lot of money after rage quitting 5 minutes into the game. I’m sure I won’t make it past the “Press Start” screen until my 7th try…
    Does this come bundled with the first game? I thought I read something about that a while ago.

    • That’s probably WKC. :) Bundling Demon’s Souls in would be impossible generally as there’s no Demon’s Souls on 360 :)

  4. Had it preordered for aaaages! Can’t wait :D

  5. IGN are streaming their first 24 hours with Dark Souls tonight (29th Sep) at 8pm GMT, for those that are interested.

  6. Im allergic to extreme diffiulty, hence: no platinums…..

    • The game is so hard you should get the platinum trophy just for finishing the game…

      • Where’s the fun in that? Certainly not for the developers i’m sure >:3

  7. After Demons Souls, I’m really looking forward to this…

  8. *sees trailer* ARRGGGGGHHHHH!*runs away and gets a restraining order against Dark souls*. :p

    I suspect many a gamer will rage a lot when battling these monsters. I wonder if they will be sadistic enough to put a hard battle before the main menu?

    • Rumour has it the disc is rectangular and too large for the ps3 drive.

      Cannae wait.

  9. I’m just getting back into Demon’s Souls at the minute, a warm up for this by the sounds of it. Had it on pre-order since June and have a week off work to fumble my way around the first level!

  10. I’ve been watching a number of players streaming their games on twitch TV. This guy’s on NG++! http://www.twitch.tv/moruid

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