Resistance 3 Multiplayer Competition

Welcome to humanity’s last stand. Well, that’s what we have planned this week, anyway.

The first multiplayer competition to kick off our autumnal schedule is Resistance 3, and we’ve got a great set of prizes to go along with it.

[drop2]SCEE has very generously provided us with five Resistance 3 T-shirts, for the top 3 players, and two won by random in the rest of the field.

Peter’s also got in on the prize giving act with a copy of Resistance: A Hole in the Sky for the overall winner, the novel that bridges the gap between the second and third games fleshing out the story and the universe.

Are you ready for some bullet points?

  • The competition itself takes place at 8PM BST on Saturday 8th October. There will be 10 minutes to gather in the lobby before the first round starts at 8:10PM.
  • There are 16 spaces in the match, including myself as host and moderator. My PSN ID is teflon6678.
  • There will be three 10 minute long rounds: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and a final Deathmatch. On randomised maps.
  • The overall winner will be the person with the highest points across all three rounds.
  • In the interests of balance, I will be removing the following weapons: the Cryogun, the Wildfire and the Atomizer. They will not be usable.
  • I will also be turning off the Berserks as the Humans and Chimera have a different ability after 3 kills, and I want the playing field to be level.
  • All that you have to do to enter is send an email entitled “I wanna join the Resistance!” including your PSN and TSA ID to [email protected] by 11PM BST on Thursday 6th October.
  • The full entry list and roster will be posted on Friday 7th October. Teams will be organised on Saturday.
  • T-shirts are only winnable by UK entrants, but the novel is winnable by EU entrants too. The more the merrier!
  • The normal terms and conditions apply.

So there we go! Any questions? Feel free to ask in the Resistance 3 meet forum thread. Armoury to your left, and then down the corridor to the practice range. Get a few hours in and you’ll be able to handle yourself, no problem.

My particular load out? Personally I have an upgraded Marksman or Bullseye, Hedgehog grenade, and the Spotter and Dash abilities.

Oh, and whilst you’re still here, we have a Resistance 3 meet every Thursday for a couple hours from 7PM. Don’t fret if you can’t turn up at 7 on the dot we’re more than happy to replenish and bolster our forces as we go along.


  1. This looks a real challenge and the t-shirt is cool, nice one teflon I might come along the meets to see it myself and then maybe I’ll consider putting my name down but will try the multiplayer first!
    Great competition ^^

  2. Gah this sounds great fun, I’ve not got around to buying Resistance yet though sadly!

    • I’m in the same boat mate. :(

      No real reason why i haven’t got it yet either – I quite enjoyed Resistance 2 & thought that Resistance 3 was even better when i played it at eurogamer.

      Just me being slack i guess!

      • Yeah, I fully intend to get it at some point too. Thought it would be wise to get through Deus Ex and Dead Island before I bought another new game!

  3. .

  4. Good luck to the winners. Although Teffers is a camper and will stop at nothing to win. He hacked PSN the last time he lost a match online. :p

    I wonder if there will be more comps in the next few weeks? ^-^ And ban Spike from entering as i suspect his luck of the welsh may be working again. :op

    • good luck to the winners? steven? :P

      • I meant those entering. I blame the decent weather. It’s supposed to be crap 24/7. I don’t like it changing. :op

      • Why waste luck on people who are just going to lose? It’s just a waste! :-P

      • But people need false hope Tef! Without it they won’t fight as hard. Without it, they would submit to your will. Without it, cats and dogs would be getting along. Without it, i have gone off topic. Without it, Spike would keep winning. :p

      • ;)

  5. Definitely going to enter this the t-shirt looks cool, already have the book though which is really good and a must read for any resistance fan.

  6. Yep count me in too.

    • *reports Adam for spamming* ;p

      • I’d love to see the fallout of Adam self-moderating and banning himself by mistake. That’d be hilarious.

      • He’ll probably blame you for it and beat up the teaboy.

  7. Will have a go at this myself!

  8. Holy crap I want one of those shirts! Alas, I don’t get on with the multiplayer side of this game at all so I’ll have to give this a miss

  9. Sad that i can’t win the T-shirt but I will do all I can to win the Novel book :)

    • I thought it was quite a novel prize… *chortle*

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