Update: Bloody Roar 5 Announcement Is A Hoax

A couple of days ago we reported Bloody Roar 5 was in development.

Now things are a lot less clearer and the announcement could have been fake, according to this tweet by Jenny_TheBat  Apparently the Twitter account @HudsonSoftLtd is not an official feed of Hudson Soft, developers of the Bloody Roar series. Other evidence to suggest that this announcement could be a hoax is the Bloody Roar website itself.  There is no mention of Bloody Roar 5 anywhere on that site. In fact, the news of the Bloody Roar site hasn’t been updated since 2003, which celebrated the release of Bloody Roar 4.


I’d like a new Bloody Roar game because I thought they were pretty awesome but the signs point to this announcement being fake. I’ll try to get more concrete answers but don’t hold your breath for Bloody Roar 5.

Source: Twitter/Official Bloody Roar Website

UPDATE: Bloody Roar 5 Announcement is a hoax! Source

Cheers, Joe.



  1. Hoax….hmmmm…….

  2. Havent Hudson been killed off anyway? They were bought out by Konami and effectively shut down, Konami hold all their IPs now.

    • Yeah, I believe so. Emailed Konami as Hudson’s contact page links to them. If they e-mail back great, if not, we’ll just have to wait for an official response. Every other site is rolling with the idea that this is official.

  3. Frustrating, as I asked around and people did say that was the official account.

    • It’s suspicious that no site or actual press release for Bloody Roar 5 has been turned up 2 days after an initial announcement.

  4. It would’ve been on the BR site… I think it’s fake.

  5. Something about this story doesn’t make sense? Surely we would have heard of a press release for the game by now.

    • Exactly. No press release and no website.

    • Excellently found. The TSA Detectives are successful once again.

      • TSA has detectives? Oh shinto! *goes to remove any possible evidence of him stealing from the barrel and murdering former members for their organs* :p

  6. Bloody RAAAAAGE!!…. (of the titans)

  7. I thought so. There hasn’t been any interest in the games since the last one(i think although i am probably wrong and i haven’t heard of the games till a few days ago). Plus the outdated news on the site and having it suddenly update is a sure sign of it being a fake. :)

  8. Loved the first one

  9. :( sad face

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