Heroes Of Neverwinter Goes Into Open Beta

Atari has announced that its latest social game, Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter is available to everyone via an open beta. Unveiled earlier this year, the Facebook app allows wannabe adventurers to suit up and explore the rich world which has played host to a number of defining RPGs.

Aside from 40 unique monsters and 50 dungeons, Heroes of Neverwinter also offers in-depth character customisation and the tools for players to build and share their very own dungeons.

Source: Press Release



  1. I keep thinking this has something to do with NeverWinter Nights. Since it is a Facebook game, i won’t be interested in it as i barely use Facebook and i’m never going to use it to play games. :)

    I will be skipping this. :)

  2. I’ll just be checking it out. I don’t expect much of it, but I really wonder how much depth the character creation and cusomization has.

    • The depth of the character customisation depends on how far you delve into the game. At first it’s fairly limited, though unlocking new equipment and abilities will of course add variation.

    • Is it comparable to.. let’s say.. the PC Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale?
      It seems the Facebook game is having trouble to load, here at work. =P

  3. Just had a muck about for 30 mins or so , its not bad and if i had one of those easy well paid jobs where you sit in front a PC all day flicking between Facebook and actually doing some work it’d be great but alas doubt i’ll ever play it again .

  4. I would give it a go, but none of my friends would play it, so the social aspect would be pointless for me, and as it’s Facebook, it would flood my wall and friends home pages with messages of general annoyance. Doesn’t sound that bad though..

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