Interview: Sonic Generations

You probably know that I’m fairly impressed by Sonic Generations. Wait you don’t? Alright go over here and read my Hands On. No, no it’s fine. The rest of us will just talk amongst ourselves. Back yet? Excellent.

Anyway, not only did I play Sonic Generations but I also got to talk to Lynne about the game. Sadly she was manning the booth by herself, so we couldn’t take her over to the slightly quieter press area for a chat but that’s alright, at least it makes a bit of a change from me standing or sitting in front of a white wall. I mean be honest, you were probably getting a little bit sick of that weren’t you?

Now watch, listen and possibly comment afterwards as we chat about Sonic and just how good Generations could be for the franchise. Also watch as we both get a little bit excited about Sky Sanctuary.


  1. You two ‘d make a great couple.

    Admit it, you did the hanky panky after this interview.

    • Agreed. I think I noticed the microphone raising slightly as time went by. Get in there, Kris!

      Gamer, blonde hair, Sonic fan. Result.

  2. Mute the interview, press play on this
    then tab back here ; )

  3. Dude, ace interview, blonde scottish sonic fan!! Sweet!! Bit weak for the scots accent in some women. Smile more dude!!! lol

    • This was the end of the Saturday, I was exhausted.

  4. Still can’t hear anything on an iPhone in mono. It’s like the two channels are in phase.

  5. Ah. Works if you set the iPhone to mono and the slider to the left under accessibility.

  6. Cool interview. Could see she was genuinely excited about the franchise.

  7. Nice interview Kris, well done.

  8. Loved what I tried at EGX, just hope it is the return to form we’ve all been wanting for as long as I can remember.

  9. I played this for a bit (two levels) at Firstlook, and it wasn’t very good. The sidescrolling bit was nice, but then it just suddenly changes to third person and I couldn’t see the enemies properly and meh!
    Although I think it would help if I had played it with my glasses on, maybe.

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