Space Marine Co-op DLC Launch Date Set

Relic Entertainment has recently revealed that the upcoming Exterminatus DLC for grizzly third person shooter Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will be available as of October 25th. The free download addresses the game’s lack of co-operative play, introducing a Horde-like survival mode, pitting four of the Emperor’s elite shoulder to shoulder against the Ork rabble and Chaos detachment.

The mode will include three player classes and any experience earned will be annexed to your current multiplayer ranking. Multipliers and in-game challenges will allow players to increase their scores further, also adding an element of competition. Though the Exterminatus expansion will only come with two maps Relic has said that more content is in the pipeline, though hasn’t specified whether this will be competitive, campaign, or co-op DLC.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I really didn’t think the game was missing co-op. As a single player game it was great, mutliplayer was fun. I didn’t miss the lack of any co-op. Free stuff is great but for me I wouldn’t add anymore to a great game.


    Can’t wait to play this game. In 2015 when I get to it.

    • Rent it at least, well worth playing. If you have time that is.

    • It’s the time problem. Maybe after November 8th I’ll be able to put a hole in my backlog (which just got bigger this morning, as Child of Eden turned up. With a free tshirt! Woo!)

  3. the demo was loads of fun, i’d love to give it a try on co-op.

  4. Cracking good news! I wished there was a full co-op campaign when this had launched and I think a few more people I know would’ve been bullied into getting it. Does this mean that the PS3 multiplayer might actually work now?! (the only reason I sold it)

  5. Wasn’t this supposed to be in the villana game? Well at least it is free. :) Although i feel that Co-op shouldn’t be included in the game but i can’t complain as i’ve only played the demo. :)

  6. Loved this game! DLC sounds good

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