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LittleBigPlanet Part Of ‘Best Of British Design’

LittleBigPlanet and Grand Theft Auto are to be showcased as part of the ‘British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age’ exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in That London.

Sackboy and Nico have been ‘chosen to exemplify British gaming design’ and will be joined by the thoroughly British heroine Lara Croft, a handful of those pesky Lemmings and the classic 8-bit space simulator, Elite.

“We consulted plenty of people in the gaming industry, and it was clear that Lara Croft had to be in there,” said curator Ghislaine Wood.

“She was the first female action character. Lemmings was an historically important early game from DMA in Dundee. Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar, who we’re still in talks with, was the first environment you could drive through. While LittleBigPlanet brings new elements like social and photography into games.”

The exhibition will also feature the ZX Spectrum and an Apple Mac designed by Brit Jonathan Ive. It will run from March 31 to August 12 2012.

Source: Huffington Post


  1. Cool nice to see LBP there..

    • Also another thing is Studio Liverpool or the previous name because theres some real gems there, Colony Wars, G-Police etc etc? it would be nice to see Wipeout since the design and world of that tends to be amazing.. in a way a great fictional sports of the future.. maybe how Formula One could be.

      Can’t think of many British games other than Sony.. atm, not much time..

      • Pysgnosis , Ultimate (Play the Game) , Software Projects , Codemaster , Imagine , Elite , Gremlin , Ocean these guys and many more i forget are the stuff of legends and made gaming what it is today .
        Glad to see the ZX Spectrum getting a mention , quite simply its the machine that inspired a whole generation (or 2) and without it things just wouldnt have been the same .

  2. Sweet.

  3. I still have my original “Big Box” copy of Elite! What a game! The ZX Spectrum was my first gaming platform. Its still holds a very special place in my heart! They also dont make games like “Ninja Scooter Simulator” anymore though :(

  4. ah, Elite, that game was quite simply legendary.
    the hours i spent playing that on my speccy.
    one hell of an achievement, cramming several galaxies into a game that can run on a 48k machine.

    british game creators have repeatedly shown that you don’t need to spend 20 odd million and only have an 8 hour campaign to create a amazing game.
    i doubt any of those games listed, assuming you ignore the latest incarnations of the tomb raider and gta series, cost dozens of millions like many big games cost these days.

    i’d take the work of a small team of extremely talented people over a FIFA or COD like assembly line game any day of the week.

    anyway, some great company there for LBP, but it thoroughly deserves it’s place there.

  5. “Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar, who we’re still in talks with, was the first environment you could drive through”

    DMA Design, surely? and surely it can’t have been the first environment you could drive through? I’m racking my brain trying to think of an earlier title, someone must have done it pre 1997?

    • they probably mean the first truly open world environment.

  6. Sounds like a good selection to me.

  7. What? No Shadow of the Beast? This legendary DMA Design game was surely more influential in its time than Lemmings or GTA.

  8. I hope 3-D Ant Attack written by Sandy White and published by Quicksilva gets a shout out , that was truly an outstanding game of its time for 1983 .

  9. I don’t really see how Lara Croft was designed particularly well.

    • Yeah. I’m pretty sure the only reason she was female was the chest:waist ratio anyway.. :P

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