Dark Souls Getting Patched

A patch for Dark Souls is on the way, which will hopefully sort out a few issues the game has. Of course, the notes are all in Japanese, but we have enlisted the help of our good friend, Google Translate. This can only go well.

The patch:

  • Fixes some magic of the magic spells, such as Magic Shield, Strong Magic Shield, Tranquil Walk of Peace 
  • Fixes the use of infinite magic and item  attributes for weapons
  • Reviews the balance of the weapon skills
  • Conditional matching adjustments

More details are due to be released soon.

Source: From Software



  1. Will they add the abilty to revive dead NPCs.. that have died tragically in the barrel?

    I mean.. slash a barrel and they get pissed.. I would’ve had fireballs by now… if I’m right that guy in the Depths (of Gaping Dragon Hell) would’ve taught the sacred art of the dragonflame.. spells or something..


    • Should have rolled into the barrel to free him mate, a lot less risky.

    • Nooo.. I never knew

      • I know your pain :( when i first saw Kingseeker Frampt i thought he was an enemy so attacked him now I cant sell anything lol

      • You get so little off Frampt for bog standard kit that I’ve just been wandering round, dumping piles of kit in the hope that they become Vagrant enemies in someone elses world that they can kill for humanity. They’re pretty easy to kill so hopefully it comes in handy for folks.

    • I am so glad i wasn’t the only one to do that! :( I was just trying to free him…. I WAS TRYING TO HELP!!!!

  2. Why don’t they patch in a harder play mode, that’d be funny.

    • Hopefully it has new game + similarly to Deomon’s Souls.

      • There is, makes the game 60% harder 2nd time around I think I read somewhere.

  3. Just remember folks, if in doubt, shield up.

  4. Awesome, EVEN harder then! o_O

  5. I wonder how tempted they must have been to patch in a super mega extremely hard boss that has 99billion HP and can kill you in one hit?

    Have they made some of the spells weaker?

    • So no change then? I’m tearing my hear out at the moment on one of the bosses. Really hate this game but i cant stop.

      • Which one and what level are you? If our levels are similar and I have access to that bosses area, I’d be happy to lend a hand bro :)

  6. Guess google translate wouldve found ‘fixed hobbled framerate’.

  7. Christ this is a game that I want to play but in worried that it’ll frustrate so much that I’ll give up, never go back to it and waste 40 pound.

  8. Finally a patch…been playing Dark Souls over 80 hours now and i can’t stop and this game is easy…… NOT!

  9. Good to hear.
    I hope they are patching out the infinite souls glitch.
    Every time I see someones echo at a bonfire they are using the glitch. Play the game properly!! defeats the entire point of the game.

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