Halo: CE Anniversary’s Kinect Features Unveiled

New York Comic Con isn’t the most immediately obvious place for video game news to seep out into the collective consciousness. So intertwined are the two sub cultures of gaming and comic book reading, that there’s always a few little morsels thrown to the crowds at these celebrations of nerd-dom.

Speaking on a panel dedicated to all things Halo, 343 Industries has spoken about the Kinect integration in the game. True to Microsoft’s previous assertions, it seems that it won’t interfere with the core gameplay – there’s no making a gun with your fingers and shouting “pew!” at the TV screen just yet.


First up, the ability to use voice commands for certain actions. You can shout commands to throw grenades, reload your weapon and switch between the two graphics engines. All without moving your thumb half an inch to those troublesome buttons.

Secondly, there’s the ability to analyse certain objects in the game by pointing your crosshairs at them and telling Kinect to scan them. In this way, you build a collection of scanned objects in the third Kinect feature: The Library (no, not that one…)

In the Library, your scanned objects await your perusal. In much the same way as Forza 4’s Kinect-enabled Autovista mode, you will be able to examine the objects, using gesture controls, and gawp at them in your own time.

It all sounds fairly “bolted on” but, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Kinect seems to be offering little novelty extras to Microsoft’s core lineup rather than being shoehorned in to clumsily interfere with the games we love. That can only be a good thing, right?

Source: IGN



  1. I thought it was regarded as a bad thing thin when Move is added to a game like Killzone as an extra and not a stand-alone game?
    Why’s it good for Kinect?
    They’re either both good or both bad (Good in my book).

    • who regards added Move integration as bad? I loved the Sharpshooter option in Killzone 3. Can’t think of anywhere else it’s been thrown in but I don’t see how an optional extra implementation can be a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the actual game.

  2. “Kinect! Do something useful”




  3. Cause all I ever wanted was to be able to shout grenade at my television, then watch it throw a grenade. Buttons work fine.

  4. Pretty naff really then?

    • yeah, all fluff and filler. Which is a good thing – it allows Kinect fans to play with the novelty for ten minutes while the rest of us can just play the game with a controller!

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