WeView Verdict: God of War III

To me God of War has always felt fairly interesting as a series. Yes, there are similar titles out there, but I struggle to think of anything that does it quite as well as the beast from Santa Monica, or does it with as much unbridled rage. Not that it really matters what I think, this is WeView and its your thoughts on Kratos’ murderous ways that we care about.

We’ll start things off by taking a look at how the game compares to those on the PS2. This particular analytic tract comes from KeRaSh, who clearly had mixed feelings about the game.

God of War 3 was the best of the series (home console) in my opinion. It was nice to look at and fun to play most of the time but storywise it was as lacking as the PS2 games. Guy is pissed at gods and kicks everyone’s ass. This idea was fun in GoW1 but by the end of the third game I was just glad that it was over because it got stale halfway through GoW2 and didn’t really offer anything that felt like a straight step up from the older games.

Next up it seems that I’m not only one who associates Kratos with pure rage. Of course he has some very good reasons to be angry, something that bacon_nuts seems keen to touch on. Plus they paraphrase Cave Johnson, how could I not include it?

So unbelievably angry it’s hilarious. So imagine this, a god tricks you into killing your family, yeah, you’d be pissed. This is Kratos’, backstory (like you didn’t know). So Kratos takes the Cave Johnson approach to life giving him lemons, and decides not to make lemonade, but to make incendiary lemons and burn the god’s house down. Rather, he kills everyone. Not just the culprit, EVERYONE. Santa Monica sure make a game look nice, but that one guy that writes the story has really got to stop doing it hungover on a sunday morning.

Whilst there have been other entries into the God of War series, the main PS2/PS3 trilogy is undoubtedly Kratos’ main story, his core tale. God of War III brings the trilogy to its conclusion, so the obvious question is whether or not this is really the way for Kratos to go out? 2ofclubs touches on this, looking at just how far Santa Monica have ramped things up.

God of War III is a fitting end to the saga of Kratos. All of the action, combat and puzzles have been dialled up to 11 with the gorgeous visuals and sound wrapping it all up to make the seemingly perfect next generation God of War. While it may raise head and toes above its competitors, it feels more like a gentle evolution rather than the revolution that some people may be expecting. Ultimately you need to experience this game, but the limited longevity leads me to advise only renting it.

Our last opinion of the week comes from Eldave0, and it seems slightly odd as a very positive view that finishes by recommending a rental, much like 2ofclubs. 

A great game with fantastic visuals, an awesome sense of scale (especially during boss fights) and a healthy dose of brutality. The storyline isn’t as strong as that seen in GOW2, though the strong focus on Greek mythology is as awesome as ever. Gameplay is rock solid but also accessable enough for players new to the series who just want to button bash. Like with all GOW games there is very little to do once the ending credits roll so I personally recommend renting it and storming through this great 6-7 hour experience.

Finally, time to look at the verdict. We were a little low on numbers this week, but that’s no reason not to give you the community’s verdict. We had a range across three of the four categories, with Bargain Bin coming in last place on one vote. Next up was Rent It with two votes. However the verdict on Kratos’s third home console outing, coming in with 50% of the vote, is Buy It. There you have it, go and get your hands on the angry god’s gaming goodness.



  1. Cool, thanks for the inclusion, I thought a Portal reference might do it :P

  2. I just remembered one thing now.

    What happend to the psn + competitions??? Really hope you guys at TSA can start that again :(

    • Not enough entries for them dude :(…if there was a big enough call for it from the community though we could consider bringing it back.

    • Shame, since I wouldn’t have the time

  3. i thought Kratos’ constant rage and hate about anything and everyone in GOW3 was pretty believable, because at this time he had nothing else that kept him going, he had lost everything, and the hate towards the gods was the only thing that kept him alive.

    • Or it was just his time of the month.

    • Or maybe there still was … – SPOILER ALERT – some hope left?

  4. One of my fave games ever….

  5. I always thought the god of war trilogy had an awesome story, I love it. All the Greek mythology, the double crossing, the gods relationships with each other. A great end to the series, I’d never played any of it until the hd remakes on ps3 and played through the trilogy in order, truly an excellent experience.

  6. I loved GOW1, need to complete 2 and 3 still.

  7. I haven’t finished this yet.
    I played a good bit of it, but this was straight after finishing GOW1 & 2 and to be honest, I’d gotten a bit bored of the genre at that stage.
    I’ll be heading back to it soon though.

  8. Far as Action/Adventures go.. I would always prefer Devil May Cry and something way different and epic in story; Legacy of Kain or PoP..

    Its not really my game but its a fun series on the PSP… Wondering when I should get to play this one, just doesn’t feel important.

  9. Ahh dammit, meant to submit a review for this one. Oh how time flies…

  10. Still have this sitting in its cellophane waiting for me to complete 1&2. Would anyone recommend going straight to 3 and then working backwards? seeing as im only about 20% through GOW1

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