Pre-order Uncharted 3 DLC, Save 45%

Sony and Naughty Dog have recently announced the Fortune Hunter’s Club, a pre-order scheme similar to the “season passes” for games such as Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, allowing users to purchase DLC bundles in advance at a fraction of the combined cost. The $25 pass will give users access to all four upcoming Uncharted 3 map packs as well three scheduled skin packs which collectively clocks in at around the $45.

Fortune Hunters will also be entitled to an exclusive XMB theme though it has yet to be confirmed whether this is a standard or dynamic variant. The promotion is currently available in the States, though we expect something similar will be offered to EU PSN users as well as other players around the world.


It’s another interesting move by Sony within the digital gaming market, having recently driven their PLAY promotion as well as online passes for first party titles, Uncharted 3 included.

To get a rough idea of what to expect from these DLC packs, it’s probably worth recalling the content that Naughty Dog launched for Uncharted 2’s multiplayer component. Each map pack contained two new playable locations with skin packs usually ushering 4-6 additional characters on average, though whether they will unlock full characters or just items of clothing has yet to be disclosed.

Source: PlayStation Blog

CORRECTION: We’ve corrected the story above, but want to make it clear that it’s four map packs, not four maps.



  1. No ‘Playstation Heroes & Villians Pack’ (or whatever it was called) please- it was poor.
    The rest of the DLC for the game was great though.

    I HATE pre-ordering anything though, especially something which by definition cannot run out of stock.
    It’s not like they need the money up front before they make the DLC either- Uncharted isn’t exactly a poor performer in terms of sales, is it?
    Still, it’s money off something I’m going to buy anyway, so I’ll take it. :)

    • If you get a discount I can see the appeal. I bought the LA Noire DLC bundle preorder thingy because I enjoyed the game and thought I was likely to buy the DLC so a discount would be worth it.

      • Thing with the LA Noire one though is you knew what you were getting, I can only assume this will be MP maps which I have no interest in.

    • LA Noire DLC was cheaper, and I think (not certain on this) that we got at least some DLC straight away on buying the pass.

  2. I must say I not too keen on the pricing, map just be a bit pricey at $25 which I would say is about £18 for 4 maps and a bunch of skins.

    • Yeah. Way too expensive in my opinion..

      • *may, much cheaper in UC2, really shocked by this.

    • I only buy a handful of items from the PSN each year, this probably being my second pick-up of 2011 (bar PS+ content.) Even if the map packs only have 2 in each one, it’s still a bargain for me, especially if they also extend the co-op.

      • Teabags, you should have the article edited to say 4 map packs instead of 4 maps…
        I thought it was a bit steep until I saw that mistake too.

      • that’s better!

  3. Too much monies, not enough stuff..

  4. preordering digital content seems a bit pointless to me, at least for the person buying it.
    it’s not like they’ll run out of copies.

    but getting a discount for preordering would actually give the practice some merit.

    of course you better hope you don’t get fed up with the game before you actually get the dlc you paid for. ^_^

  5. Naughty Dog just told us there was 1000’s of hours content included when explaining the ‘benefits’ of the online pass, so I can’t imagine anyone will have time for this ;)

    I’m not one for characters, costumes or skins so it seems to make the maps very expensive, so with all the included content I’ll pick & choose what content to buy & i’ll allow others to become slaves publishers latest marketing whim.

  6. 1000’s hours, am sold instant, i never buy DLC for any game wait i did for fallout and heavy rain but that was it. Buut am deffo getting this in the U.K

  7. Hmmm… Map packs on UC2 were 2 maps each, so £18 for 8 maps? I think that’s roughly fair.

    I’ll be plonking down the cash, because I’m a sucker for the franchise.

    Oh the publishers do like to push what they’re getting away with quite far, don’t they?

  8. The offer’s great and thus I’ll be getting this for sure.
    What’s slightly disappointing however is seeing how much content they’re leaving out from the game in order to sell as DLC. First map pack in November? Of course they could have included that in the full game.

    • But then they would have had to release the game later too.

      The game has already gone gold. So what to you think they are doing under that time? Yes DLC.

      • To me it seems quite obvious they’re holding back already finished content, they already confirmed the first pack will launch already in November, which to me seems suspicious at the least.

        ANd even if it’s not, they could do as they did with the Fort map in UC2, release it post-launch.

  9. Seems like a good deal for those who will use it. I tend to lose interest in the multiplayer not long after I finish the Campaign so It wouldnt benefit me.

  10. Any game that has had dlc announced before the games even out looks bad to me and a bit of a cynical cash in.

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