Next Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Map Outed

It appears as if Naughty Dog is gearing up to add yet another map to the “Early Access” build of Uncharted 3’s competitive multiplayer. Whilst cycling through the game’s online menus we captured this image depicting an updated version of The Museum, one of Uncharted 2’s DLC maps available via the Siege expansion.


In terms of credibility, this is as close to a confirmation as you can get. Three of the four Uncharted 2 add-on maps have already been ported, the only noticeable change made to The Museum being the switch from night to day.



  1. Yes!
    Love that map. :)

  2. I’m a bit gutted. I enjoyed the Uncharted 2 DLC maps, but seeing as they compose now half of Uncharted 3 maps, I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have bothered. I’ve already played the hell out of them, and the small tweaks they made don’t alter them significantly.
    I’m guessing Naughty Dog are counting on day one DLC maps, because people won’t like to rely solely on a handful of new maps for the multiplayer (more money for ND I guess…).
    Anouncing already 7 DLC packs for the multi, and having half the maps recycled from the previous one seems incredibly greedy.

    • Didn’t they already anounce the facilty, now frozen ?

      • played on it today. felt great since i never got the DLC last time round though

    • you do realise there are 16 maps on launch and the dlc will be fair like U2

  3. your a little late aren’t you? the ‘backgrounds’ for all the dlc maps have been in the beta/early access since it was released. I’ve seen all of them at least once and there’s been map previews leaked from when ever the public has got hands on with the multiplayer at games-com/e3 etc.

    also @upselo uncharted 2 only launched with 7 new maps and uncharted 3 has already shown off six brand new ones with four free dlc ones from uncharted 2. i’d also expect them to keep a couple of brand new ones back for the full game realese.

    • That’s true.

      And about maps, “The Village” from Uncharted 2 is (of 90% certainty) in UC3 as well, this despite it not being a DLC-map. Was revealed at some multiplayer hands-on event yesterday I believe.

      And as you say David, there’ll probably be more than the 6 original UC3 maps with the full game, they wouldn’t want to spoil all of them before launch as that could potentially ruin some of the story. At the very very least there’ll be 7 as they have confirmed a map based on the E3 cruiseship-demo, also.

      • Ah sweet, loved The Village map.

        Oh yeah, there was that map from the multiplayer trailer with a massive wave coming in. That’ll be interesting to play.

    • You’re right David, I spotted it on day one of the early access multiplayer but only decided to report it now considering it’s not as big as some of our other stories.

  4. Hopefully we will se 2-3 more NEW maps too.

  5. I’m getting very confused over all the maps.. As long as there are some, i’m sure i’ll be fine..

  6. excellent, loving the MP on this now.

  7. Does Uncharted have spiders in it?

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