Blizzard DOTA: PC Gaming’s Biggest Crossover

Now we know where Blizzard stands on the whole DOTA issue which has been in circulation for a good few months now; the revered game studio will be going head to head with Valve for the MOBA crown with its very own take on the insanely popular sub-genre.


Simply titled Blizzard DOTA, from a layman’s perspective it looks like any other arena-based strategy game, but if you happen to be a Blizzard fan, after watching the trailer above you probably haven’t spaffed as much since that custom made Morrigan pin-up arrived in the post.

That’s right, the game’s selling point rests within its characters, stripped from a lineage of defining PC gaming legends, Nova, Arthas and Thrall just to name a few.



  1. This could become HUGE. I wonder who’ll “win” the DOTA battle between Blizzard and Valve?

  2. Should be noted – This is a Starcraft 2 mod, not a new game.

  3. Is it bad that I don’t know who Nova, Arthas and Thrall are?

  4. Holy Nerdgasmmmmm

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