Battlefield 3 Reviews Are In

I’ve given up moaning now about Battlefield 3 – it’s clear that unless EA thought you were happy enough to run a review from (the obviously superior) PC version, you weren’t getting a review copy.

Still, that hasn’t stopped lots of sites going live with reviews this morning, and – unsurprisingly – they’re all rather highly scored.


Those are some great scores, but it’s worth noting a common complaint – that the single player is ‘Lackluster’ (1UP) and ‘feels like a different game’ (IGN) – naturally it’s the multiplayer that people are buying this game for, and it’s clear that was DICE’s focus.

We’ll look forward to reviews of the console versions rolling in.




  1. Really disappointed. I don’t want to dive into an online battlefield that will take over my life for the next few months; I want to simply enjoy a decent campaign which I can dip in and out of. If it isn’t up to standard, then it’s a lost purchase as far as I’m concerned.

  2. That’s a shame as I was hoping it to be like MOH where the campaign was stronger than the multiplayer. But I guess BF3 MP must be fantastic to get a 9 overall with a “lack-lustred” single player.

  3. I’ve told myself I’m only going to buy two games for the remainder of this year and that it’s going to be Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 and so far it still is going to be Battlefield 3 going by those reviews. I’m a bit dissapointed by the single player though, I was going to get this on PC for that but now… PS3 so that I can play the multiplayer with my mates.

  4. Impressive scores, although we knew that they would only be good ones when EA only selectively give out review copies.
    I’m only renting (might end up pre-ordering, we’ll see), so the campaign is all I’ll have to enjoy. Hope it’s decent, it’s going to have to have a brilliant narrative, characters and set pieces if it wan’t to beat the MW SP games.

  5. The game looks brilliant, I’ll definetly be picking this up for Christmas!

  6. Shopto have just taken payment for this. Hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow (very wishful thinking) or wednesday! :D

    • Snap – Wednesday I would think earliest. Tomorrow would be good but I guess they will ship tonight. Think we get a pic of the shipment now?

      • Lol. did you order the limited edition? I pre-ordered mine as soon as it was available, back in feb or march I think. very excited

      • I phoned shopto yesterday and was told all pre-orders would be shipping on Wednesday. And there was me thinking that they only took money just before products shipped!

    • Lucky you. I ordered the PC version. Annoyingly I can see me not getting to play it unitl Friday thanks to Battlelog. Have a feeling the web page won’t be active until Friday.

      • Forget that. I just checked. The site opens up tomorrow apparently. Hopefully mines comes for Thursday then :)

    • Yep limited edition ordered it as soon as it was available on site.
      Looking forward to it.

  7. Shame to hear the story is a bit of let down. Was hoping for something gripping. As you said though, most people are getting this game more for the multiplayer. I’m one of them.

  8. Getting a bit annoyed with the pre release crap to do with this game now..

  9. Buying BF3 for the 1up campaign is like buying Ocarina of Time for the multiplayer.

  10. Reviews aren’t going to stop many people from buy BF3. Personally my pre order was never in danger since before the beta. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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