Battlefield 3 Reviews Are In

I’ve given up moaning now about Battlefield 3 – it’s clear that unless EA thought you were happy enough to run a review from (the obviously superior) PC version, you weren’t getting a review copy.

Still, that hasn’t stopped lots of sites going live with reviews this morning, and – unsurprisingly – they’re all rather highly scored.


Those are some great scores, but it’s worth noting a common complaint – that the single player is ‘Lackluster’ (1UP) and ‘feels like a different game’ (IGN) – naturally it’s the multiplayer that people are buying this game for, and it’s clear that was DICE’s focus.

We’ll look forward to reviews of the console versions rolling in.




  1. Im calling shenanigans on this from EA. Only review the PC version, Im willing to bet that console reviews wont appear until friday?

    As far as i can see its a case of EA trying to hide something. I suspect theyve overplayed their hand re the graphics on the PC version and now are worried that console owners are going to have the hump that theyve essentially been sold something they wont be getting. Which, lets face it, they have.

    What annoys me is that its not as if console owners dont know and accept the act that high end PC will run better looking games than the PS3 or Xbox.

    Not cool baby, not cool.

  2. IGN COD Review: 9.5

    You just watch. Its the same old shit with IGN.

    • Then don’t look at their reviews…

  3. It might be 3 months before i even bother with the campaign.

  4. The last 2 Battlefields i didnt touch the singleplayer for months , i think i had a problem with my internet or something !
    These reviews are fantastic , so glad to see BF finally getting the scores it has always deserved .

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