Netflix Coming to UK and Ireland “Early 2012”

According to a report from Reuters, the US movie rental service is on its way to our shores. The streaming service has said that it will offer unlimited movies and TV shows via a subscription package similar to the one they host in the US.

The service is currently available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and even on the Wii in the US so we would expect it to appear on our consoles around the time of launch too.


This could potentially be great news for those of us who want an alternative to the PS3 LoveFilm’s sub-standard streaming picture quality and the PS3 and 360’s high pricing on their digital movie stores. Netflix has also become known for offering slightly older, esoteric content which often throws up some great old TV shows or movies that we would otherwise have forgotten about.

We’ll keep our ears close to the ground for pricing structure and content announcements.

Source: Reuters.



  1. If it’s get the same amount of quality films as the US version, and has HD streaming on PS3 for ~£10, I’m cancelling LoveFilm!

    • TESTIFY!

      *ahem* I mean, yes. I’ve already cancelled LoveFilm because the streaming quality was poor and the selection was awful. But Netflix like it is in the US for a similar price would be right down my internet pipes.

      • I’m a bit surprised that the selection was awful, we used to get dvds in the post, and I remember they had a quite good selection then. Not really surprised you cancelled if the streaming was bad though, to me at least, a bad picture just makes something unwatchable. I’d probably have dropped it even if they still had a big selection..

  2. Well still get a whole lot out of the take disc rental Lovefilm Service but if this is priced reasonably I could be very interested.

    I’ve seen better quality VHS tapes that Lovefilm’s streaming service.

  3. Hopefully this actually comes to Ireland, unlike the video store which WAS announced by Sony for Ireland but never actually materialised. (virtualised?)

  4. I’ll keep an eye on this. Currently have a Lovefilm account but the streaming could be better.

  5. You guys really don’t know how much your missing out on. Netflix really is awesome.

  6. Awww man and we in Scandinavian have yet to get any sort of movie service :( (MUBI dosen’t count…)

  7. Although i’ve yet to be tempted to pay for streaming movies – all we’ve had so far for ps3 in Ireland is mubi and i just check that periodically for the free stuff – having a decent library to choose from as well as good quality streaming might persuade me.

  8. Barely use Lovefilm for streaming, I really just stick to Blu-rays, or DVDs if the title isn’t available on Blu-ray.

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