WeView Verdict: Medal of Honor

It was surprising just how popular this game proved to be. I wasn’t actually expecting much of a response, but this week’s thread spilled onto a second page after a bit of a discussion about the game sparked up. It wasn’t all discussion though, with a good number of reviews of EA’s shooter appearing; so let’s swiftly move onto those very opinions.

First, let’s turn to an important part of any modern shooter; the multiplayer. It seems this element is becoming more and more popular, with many pushing the single player component to the side to get online. colmshan1990 was kind enough to give us a frame of reference, comparing it to both its competitor, Call of Duty, and its big brother, Battlefield.

The multiplayer I played beat any online FPS except for Unreal Tournament. I felt it finely balanced, and placed halfway between COD and Battlefield- more accessible and fun than Battlefield and more solid than Call of Duty. I felt like I was playing a Call of Duty game developed by DICE, and in that middle ground it outdid both of the bigger franchises.

Next let’s flip things on their head, switching from the single player to the multiplayer and from a positive view to a negative. It seems that although Death_in_Flamez enjoyed the game’s single player, they did find some fault with it and were more than happy to point it out.

Single player was a very fun experience and I really enjoyed the different atmospheres of the three playable characters, Duece (spec ops), Rabbit (SAS style) and Dante (bog standard army guy). I love what Danger Close have done with single player to make it feel realistic yet fun when compared with big dogs Call of Duty and Battlefield. Two criticisms I must bring up though. Firstly, the campaign is woefully short at only 12 missions with one being only around the 10 minute mark to complete. Tier 1 Mode does offer some variety and challenge but does not compensate with any new missions. Due to this, single player feels like the Liberal Democrats amongst Conservatives and Labour. It’s the third option and only that. The only reason in my opinion it did so well was due to EA and Battlefield’s reputation with DICE.

A comparison to politics? Well we’re getting terribly high minded this week.

Anyway, that’s more than enough negativity isn’t it? Let’s turn back to the positivity, although sticking with the game’s single player. cam_manutd isn’t all positive in their view though, picking up on some of the game’s bugs.

The campaign is short, sweet and easily acheived on the hard setting (4-6 hours). There are some glitches present with regard to the mission where you have to suppress fire on a heavy bunker LMG. I had to reset the chapter 4 times getting back to the same point before progressing. Annoying but forgivable in light of the fun available. Some very interesting set pieces, weaponry, good a.i teammates (one of the best in any FPS) seen in this modern era. I also enjoyed the plot-downbeat, believable-none of the political tripe found in COD4 and MW2. Tier 1 mode also offers incentive for hardcore players and gives a “Demon’s Souls” essence-see for yourself.

For our final review of the week we turn to 2ofclubs, who wrapped up both the single player and the multiplayer into a neat little package.

Medal of Honor campaign is a great return to form for the series with it’s gritty realism and sense of frailty against the odds. Unfortunately it still found itself playing catch up and didn’t quite reach the standards of its closest rivals (at the time) in Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The highly focused multiplayer on the other hand managed to just about separate itself from the pack by combining the intensity of twitchy intimate firefights with a strong class system that allowed enough customisation to cater for most player’s needs.

Now, as per usual, it’s time to count up the votes and reveal the community’s verdict on Medal of Honor. There were thirteen of you this week who were kind enough to share your opinion on the game, and we had at least one of each of the four options. In last place was Avoid It, with just one vote. Next up is a tie, with both Bargain Bin and Rent It sitting on two votes. However, the winner by a fairly significant margin is Buy It, collecting eight votes.

So there you have it, Battlefield 3 may be hitting shelves this week, but last year’s shooter from EA is still worth a go.



  1. Good to hear. It’s still on my to-play list but the priority is pretty low at the moment.
    I just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution last week so it’s still fresh in my mind which makes it a perfect candidate for next weeks WeView! :P

  2. multiple second hand copies to be had for £10 in my local Tesco – go get it

    • But then you need to fork out for the online pass.

      New copies can generaly be picked up around the £12-£15 mark if you shop around though.

      • The online pass only gives you the free dlc “clean sweep” mode which no-one plays on. You can still play the standard online modes without the code.

        Funnily enough, the game is still quite active on the PSN and has about 1000-3000 players depending on the time of the day.

      • See, now i am confused as according to most people in the WeView, it has an online pass the same as other EA games – As in, it is needed to access online features.

        Can anyone confirm/clarify please?

      • No worries – EA did a really bad job of making it clear but the online pass is the same as the VIP code from Bad Company 2. It only gives you access to some pretty crappy DLC, it is not required to play the game online.

        Here’s the EA website about it:


  3. The WeViews have made me consider a puchase of this, but it’ll have to wait for a while as it would be pointless to pick it up this close to BF3. I know which would get all the love.

    Maybe in a gaming lull next year though…

  4. I remember thinking “God your a bore James” when I was putting in that snazzy politics reference :L

    • Certainly doesn’t sound like the sort of thing the captain would say. It’s not a song delivered in spoken word form!

  5. I think I’ll have to get this then. I should be able to pick it up cheaply somewhere, good stuff.

  6. buy it, jesus. Now I know never to trust the Weview articles again lol

    • Hey, I put out Rent It cos I liked the Single Player :L

    • I don’t think Jesus is a gamer. ;)

      • I don’t know – It apparently took him three days to resurrect. He was probably engrossed playing Battlefield 1943BC.

      • I’m sorry, but since jesus was born at 0 AD. why would he play a game 1943 years before his birth? Think about it :P

      • So you are somehow inferring that people that weren’t born in WW2 woulnd’t play a WW2 shooter because they weren’t alive??

      • Ease up, I was just kidding about..

      • As was i! :)

        Although i now realise that i did miss a golden opportunity, as i should’ve said he was playing BFBC2 (with the BC2 actually being 2BC of course).

  7. I’ll probably rent it if i feel like playing a modern day war game. :)
    Although i may buy it if it is cheaper then renting.

  8. Might get this at a low point next year.. really won’t have time over christmas!

  9. After all that has been happening over the last week for me i completely forgot to do this. It would of been a buy it though.

  10. I put myself down as a Bargain Bin. Really enjoyable game, single player is great.

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