Minecraft On 360 Delayed

Everyone’s favourite block-’em-up Minecraft won’t be releasing on Xbox 360 until Spring 2012, one of the producers working on the game has announced.

Stuart Platt, a producer at Microsoft Studios, tweeted yesterday that the game won’t arrive until spring has sprung in 2012.


No explanation has been given for the delay to the Kinect-supported title, which was originally due to hit Xbox Live Arcade this winter.

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  1. I’d like to know what good is there about this game? I really don’t get the point of it and would like somebody to explain it in detail.

    • I have no idea, but it is insanely addictive and super fun. I really have no idea why I find it so, probably escapism, a big free world, no restrictions, go anywhere, kill anything, dig, climb, jump, swim, build, mine and craft. It’s just fantastic..

  2. Notch being a lazy sod as usual!
    He’s probably more preoccupied with the official release next month.

    • notch isn’t making the xbox version.
      there’s another team working on the that version.

      • He’s still the lead designer, so while he won’t do any programming for it, he’s still the one making the decisions for it, same as the pocket version.

  3. PS3?

    Minecraft isn’t so good anyway. I need graphical power over gameplay.

    • Then I feel sorry for you.

      • Me too…

      • I don’t. All the games I play have pretty good graphics and good gameplay. I don’t care how fun Minecraft is but I’m not playing a game that looks like it was made in 1989 on a 8 bit system or something.

      • Then you are either too young or just ignorant. Some of the best games that were ever made came out before Sony even thought about the Playstation brand.

    • There is more to gaming then graphics you know. I rather have a game with excellent gameplay then a game with excellent graphics and crap gameplay. :)

    • I don’t feel sorry for you, I just disagree.

    • lol what? it looks beautiful, the graphics really are great and with addictive gameplay, no wonder its a sensation eh?

    • Wow..

      just wow.

      Your gaming must be a pretty sad and lifeless experience.

    • I’d rather play a game for it’s gameplay and story, rather then for its graphics.

    • Minecraft looks great, it just doesn’t conform to the standard view of how a game should look, with curves and smooth edges and other such unnecessary things.

      • This, sunset and sunrise look absolutely beautiful. Blocks are seriously underrated. I think having some imagination is required to truly ‘get’ Minecraft, perhaps this is the problem.

      • Exactly! It looks bloody gorgeous..

  4. I prefer it on PC.

    • You haven’t played it on Xbox yet…. I think it’ll work brilliantly with a controller. This Kinect stuff can F right off though.

      • Yeah, I’d love to try it with a controller.. I agree about kinect, but I haven’t yet seen how it’s integrated, do I shout “MINE” at the television…?

  5. Won’t it be a bit hard to use on the kinect? If you sneeze then you may see your building get knocked over. I wonder if it is due to techinal diffculties or if they are planning on adding extra stuff to it?

  6. “No explanation has been given for the delay to the Kinect-supported title, which was originally due to hit Xbox Live Arcade this winter.”

    i think the answer is in the question, so to speak.

    i bet they could get it out on time without the kinect functionality.

  7. the Kinect functionality will include a mode where “you wave your arms around to mine and use items” — “it’s just too silly not to include,” (creator of minecraft)
    Prepare to punch some trees.. :?

    also.. this kinect hack for minecraft probably is not related to the upcoming game..

  8. I always assumed it would get onto PS3 at some point, got bored waiting and got it on MAC. Glad I did now.. Won’t be on PS3 any sooner than this, if ever..

    • I hope it does find it’s way on to PS3 at some point, Minecraft with a dualshock is pretty much gaming nirvana, and I really want to see what the trophies are like.

      • I heard earlier, 360 exclusive. So likely not :( Limbo made it over, others might..

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