Stronghold 3 Is Out Now

We don’t usually do these kind of release day announcements but, as pointed out by the best PR email I’ve had all week, it’s not a good day to make announcements. So we’re making an exception.

While we’re all fawning over the early Battlefield 3 reviews (ours is coming when review code is sent) and re-reading the superlatives thrown at Uncharted 3, a PC strategy game that I’ve been keenly watching has been released.


It’s from Firefly Studios and 7Sixty and it’s a castle-building real time strategy game that’s the third in a series which was quite a cult hit back when it was first released. We’ll have a review up soon (Adam is taking that task on, as a long time Stronghold veteran) but in the meantime, take a few minutes away from staring at that “V” and check it out.



  1. i may have to buy this looked decent from the trailers…

  2. Staring at V? We still on about gaming?…..

    • Yup, the GTA announcement.

      Although ‘staring at V’ does give it a bit of a sinister, stalkery vibe.

      • Staring at V makes it sound like someones been on Keezmovies too long.

  3. Ahh!!! I really want this game, but my pc is god awful! :-( looks like I’ll be saving up for that gaming laptop…

  4. Not sure about this, didn’t like Stronghold 2 much..

  5. anyone read this as stranglehold at first?

    • Erm…. no? oO

    • I did at first, got a bit excited to be potentially playing another John Woo game (with trophies!), but then a bit disappointed i had missed the second one! XD

      Then i realised it was something completely different, felt a little silly & carried on with my life! :)

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