Win Forza 4 and Speed Wheel

We’ve got a pretty great prize up for grabs by a TSA member this week. That is a copy of Forza 4 and a Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel to go along with it.


So how do you win this fabulous prize? It’s dead simple. We want you to take a real world photo of a road vehicle that is the best or worst in any category of your choosing. It could be the rustiest and muddiest tractor, the most clichéd boy racer-mobile, or the teenager on the most annoying damned buzzy motorbike, you know the ones I mean!

The only extra thing we ask of you is to get a bit of a thumbs up in shot, just so we can be sure these pics were taken for this competition and not just nabbed off the internet. The winner will be the best overall entry, taking into account the category and the photo itself, as judged by our expert funny photo panel, The Community Team.

Entries need to be submitted by the end of Saturday, and can be submitted in a couple of ways:

Your first option, the standard email with the subject line “TSA Forza 4” can be sent to [email protected], including both your TSA ID, photo and caption.

Potentially more convenient, you can also enter via twitter. Just send a tweet to @TSACom with your TSA ID, caption and link to the photo, using the hash tag #TSA4za. Most twitter clients will handle photo uploads for you automatically, or places such as twitpic, yfrog and instagram will happily post a tweet with the link included. Any image upload site will do, though, we just need a valid link.

I’ve come up with a few quick examples for you:

So head out for a 30 minute walk around your local area with that snazzy smartphone or camera, and see if you can spot something fun. Alternatively, come up with a way to stage a photo with your own household’s car. I only took those three examples, but I saw at least another ten that I could have snapped pictures of and had a silly caption for.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Entries submitted by 11:59PM BST Saturday 29th October.
  • Photos must have even just a hint of a thumb included in view. Photos without a thumb will not be valid.
  • This competition is UK only.
  • One entry per person. If you come up with something better, you can re-enter, and your previous entries will be ignored.
  • Emailed entries to [email protected] with the subject “TSA Forza 4”, including your TSA ID, photo and caption.
  • Twitter entries to @TSACom including your TSA ID, caption, photo and the hash tag #TSA4za.
  • The winner will be contacted via their original entry method.
  • The winner is the entry that is judged to be the best all around entry (photo and caption combined) by the Community Team.
  • All entrants that get a vote from a judge will receive 100 TSA Points.
  • This competition is good for your health and general wellbeing. Fact!
  • The rest of the usual Terms & Conditions apply.


  1. Gonna go out and snap some pics on ma lunch! Excellent comp!

  2. Awesome idea. Shame I bought these exact prizes during a moment of madness in Argos this Saturday lol :( Good luck guys!

    • Aww, shucks. We did want to get this out there as soon as possible, it just took us a few days longer to get it out the door!

  3. I don’t own a 360 but I may just send you a pic for fun ;)

    • *of a car that is. But good luck to entrants

      • Nice afterthought there! ;)

      • haha apologies

      • well on this site, it’s probably best not to be too ambiguous. ^_^

  4. haha classic competition. Now to work out where to go with it.

  5. Any other pink appendages aloud in the pic!

  6. Is Hodgi allowed to enter this?!

    • Thats a meme that I haven’t come across in a while :-D

    • That’s a name I haven’t come across in a while :-D

  7. Could you do me a favour and port Forza over to PS3 and then burn it to a blu-ray for me before you send me the prize ;-),

  8. UK only…

    Waaaahhhhh :(

    • WAHH! :(

      • Enter for fun, perhaps? We do want to spread wings beyond the UK, but sometimes it’s tough to impossible.

      • Maybe I will if an idea pops up somehow :D

  9. Great comp, and another great prize.

  10. What has happened to the icon to ‘pin’ a post? It’s not on any post at the mo, not even on previously ‘pinned’ posts.

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