New 3DS Colours Coming To Europe

Back in our day we were content with one colour, plain grey, for our handhelds and we were happier for it. Rejecting our old-crotchety ways, Nintendo has gone ahead and announced the release of two new colours for the 3DS: Coral Pink and Ice White.

The Coral Pink 3DS will be launching in a bundle with Nintendogs + Cats on 18th November meaning that you clearly should disregard any other Nintendo product being released on that date to pick one up. Conversely, the sleek Ice White variation will be bundled with Super Mario 3D Land from 2nd December.


It was obvious that a pink 3DS would arrive at some stage, but a white 3DS is a nice addition, especially for those with white DS who were disappointed about not being able to bring their colour choice into the next generation of handheld.

Source: ONM



  1. I was brought up with grey for my Gameboy, NES and SNES and black for my Gamegear, Master System and Mega Drive (or 7 colours for my ZX Spectrum if you count the logo). I dont understand this fascination with different colours of consoles. Its not like the colour of it will make it perform any better, or make you a better gamer. Just another money spinner. Face it Nintendo, a loss IS a loss no matter what colour you paint it!

    • Oh, and just to add to my rant: My missus is just the kind of idiot that will want a pink one. So thank you very much Nintendo for fuelling the nagging i’ll be getting in the lead up to Christmas

      • People actually like choice. If your favourite color is red then wouldn’t you rather buy a red 3DS instead of a bring grey one? Others might like a black or white one because it looks more elegant. Also this is still a product kids use and they love them some colors, don’t they?

  2. Yes, this will surely boost the sales. Now all they need to do is announce a console like the PS3 or XBOX360 and they’ll be back in the winning camp.

    What is it you say? They’ve already done that?

  3. I wouldn’t buy a 3DS right now probably wait until they release a new version with a second analogy stick.

    • so you don’t have to carry around that big boxy abomination of a second stick?

  4. This sucks, why cant people who buy a console on release get treated to more than 1 or 2 console colours?!?!

    *stares at black 3DS with discontent*

    • So now Nintendo will try and make you want the new colour and sell your old one. So an extra sale for them.

    • Buy some paint…?

  5. If I had to buy one, I’d probably get one in white as it’s a neutral colour that doesn’t remove focus from the screen. It will also make the screens black levels look darker than on a black 3DS and fingerprints won’t be too visible. I remember the Gameboy Pocket/ Color (that’s how it was spelt) days when you could get pretty much any colour you’d like.

    Off topic: the new font you’re using makes “i”‘s look like “l”s on the front page article-list. It’s to do with magnification, but Chrome is displaying it at 100% and it’s still there.

  6. Should do an OG Gameboy colourway.

  7. No no no no Nintendo!

    we want games, not colours.
    (unless its clear, we don’t need it)

    people don’t buy game systems because they like how they look, people buy game systems so they can play games.

    thats the key, that is what will drive your sales up, games (which don’t get bloody delayed)

    but do what you want ninty.
    cant wait for the grey 3DS model!

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