Nintendo Expected To Post Crushing Q2 Losses

Industry giant Nintendo will be posting its Q2 financials tomorrow morning and if reports from Japanese newspaper Nikkei are to be believed, the company could be posting landmark losses of up to ¥100 billion, in contrast to Nintendo’s ¥55 billion forecast for the period between April and September 2011.

Foreign exchange losses (80% of Nintendo software sales are made overseas) and the financial failure of the 3DS are said to be the two main constituting factors, Nintendo having to slash the price of its newest handheld in August by a third to draw in consumers.

Source: Reuters



  1. What has happened to you Ninty? You have gone from making a lot of cash to losing a lot of cash? I know the 3DS is not the most successful of portable consoles(atm) but i would have thought the Wii would still be selling loads.

  2. Maybe the first encouraging sign that casual market is dying.

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