Uncharted 3 Beaten in Just Over 3 Hours

This is peculiar. Not that someone has managed to rattle through the game in such a short period of time. The unnamed Naughty Dog tester who did this has obviously got his muscle memory down to precise timings for all areas of the game. What’s strange is that Naughty Dog don’t seem to mind the information being out there.

This being the internet, where everybody is seemingly always on the lookout for anything they can use to cause conflict and validate their silly little preconceptions, someone is going to claim that this means Uncharted 3 is rubbish. Of course, they’d be astoundingly wrong. In fact, they’d be so wrong we’d make a little dolly of them and flush it down our Toilet of Wrongness. Or just point and laugh. Whatever.


Anyway, speedrunning Uncharted (or almost any other game) is completely missing the point. Still, it’s pretty impressive that someone has learned the game so intricately that they can hammer through it in a time of just three hours and eight minutes. That’s insane, I’ll spend longer than that just ogling Elena’s bottom.

Source: OPSM.co.uk



  1. LOL does that mean someone could speed run COD in 10 minutes.

  2. Bigger than Skyrim? :O
    Haha, just goes to show the guys at Bethseda might well be the best gamers in the world!

    • Haha. Yeah, take this news as you will.

    • Skyrim is Open World(tm), means you can cut a lot of corners :)

  3. I’ve never tried speed-running through an Uncharted-game, this though kinda makes it tempting to try that out on easy on UC2, as a warm-up for UC3… Anyhow, we’ve heard from multiple sources, including TSA, that the campaign is 8-12 hours long and therefore this funfact here cannot be considered a worry.

  4. I completed it last night in about 10 minutes. Well, one of the levels anyway.

  5. I think anytime a speedrun is quoted it should also be required to post how many times you’ve played the game.
    I bet this person actually got a lot more time out of U3 than most of the public ever will.

    • I find speed-run articles almost anger-inducing as there are people out there who will judge the game by it. I realise they’re few and far between but the world is a weird place.

      What we (TSA) should do is consult this rather awesome site where people submit their playtimes for all manner of games. For example, the average playtime on the Uncharted 2 campaign is eleven hours or so. It also lists Perfectionist play-times, Speedruns, etc.


      • I’m rather fascinated by speed runs. I used to watch speed runs of older games that I already played through every now and then just for fun. They got some nifty tricks up their sleeves. It’s not just knowing every part of the level by heart, sometimes it’s just the perfect usage of a glitch that allows you to reach an area of a level that allows you to cut a corner. I’d never do it myself but it’s kind of fun to see what is possible.

      • It annoys me when people write how speedrunning means ‘they got nothing out of the game’ and ‘rushing it is stupid.’ That’s not the ruddy point. They’ve obviously already beaten the game normally and just want a challenge.

  6. That doesnt say much really in comparison to the article last week about the 90 minute Dark Souls speedrun. i’m on 110 hours and not done the final boss yet. maybe im just rubbish! :(

  7. I don’t see the point in speed running any game & in fact, i hate trophies that make you do it – I would much rather take my time & savour all of the flavours that the game throws at me.

    • If one is to speed-run through a game, it’s best saved for after one have completed the game numerous times and know it damn well, can be fun that way. Of course, trying to speed through a game on the first or second playthrough ruins a whole lot and is a stupid move, yeah.

    • A proper speed run is reserved for once you have played the game a few times, you wouldn’t be able to effectively speed run the first time you play something, so you don’t miss out on anything. I’ve not done many speed runs, but have enjoyed the ones I’ve done. It’s like playing a game you enjoy with an entirely different perspective.

      • Trouble is that my backlog is such that i rarely have time to play a game more than once (maybe one & a half times if i am close to a platinum), so to have played a game enough times to do an effective speed run would mean that other games are getting severely neglected.

        I just care too much about the feelings of all of my games!

      • I know what you mean, at the moment it seems like I barely have time to finish a game once!

      • Same here. I hope the holiday season gives me time to catch up on some games and get back on track. The problem is that there are too many good games that came out this year. Normally I play the new releases that I’m interested in and then catch up on some missed games when they are cheaper while I wait for the next best release.

  8. Dont know why people insist on speed runs personally. Doesnt make any sense. Do people actually enjoy that stuff?

    • Yes there are people who do enjoy them. I’ve never played a game so often that I would even be able to attempt a speed run but if they enjoy it and maybe see it as a personal challenge, then why not?

      • You have to be so committed that you know every aspect of every section and every exploit available. Sounds like a chore to me

      • No, to me at least, knowing minor aspects of a game is fun, I don’t often speed run, as I’m not that good. But I try sometimes, after playing a game several times..

      • Just like grinding through a game multiple times just to get all trophies seems like a chore to me. Doesn’t prevent people from doing it, right?

      • i dont do those either. making gaming a chore seems wrong. its supposed to be enjoyed, savoured….like chocolate melting in your mouth.

  9. no love for Chloe’s bottom?

    i thought hers was nicer.

    • Can we be greedy and stare at both?

    • yeah me too, didn’t even realise she was in UC3! Hurrah for re-casting brilliant bottoms!

      • She is!? Might have to pre-order now ;)

  10. i bet the retards on n4g.com love this story :-D

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