PSVita Might Not Run Flash At Launch

According to reports that originate with Famitsu magazine in Japan, the PlayStation Vita might be missing one or two little features when it launches.

The Japanese magazine has returned answers from a recently compiled FAQ in which the new Sony handheld’s browser specifications were listed. It accepts cookies, runs Javascript 1.7 and HTML5 but no Flash, apparently. This would bring it in line with the standards supported by iOS and isn’t a huge loss for those who aren’t bothered with online flash games. Most leading internet video is now available in HTML5.


Another possible cause for concern is the absence of “Game Archives” which means no PSOne classics or TurboGFX games. It’s assumed, given Sony’s recent claims to the contrary, that those features might arrive after launch in a feature-packed update.

We’ll be having a good poke around with the Vita in December so we’ll report everything we can then.

Source: Siliconera



  1. All i want to know is if the PSV browser will be as good as an iphones, if so ill be another happy panda.

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