TSA F1 Championship Round-up – Week 2

We’ve hit week two in the championship and gathered up reports from the races to bring you a nice round-up of what happened. This week, we raced at Montreal:

Group A

On a sun-kissed race weekend, Lee-ma was pulling out some insanely fast times to put himself on pole ahead of Manorhowze in second. As with last week, the first corner driving was superb, and all bar one made it round just fine and in order. However, everyone was very closely bunched up, and by the time we got to the big hairpin, and headed down the Casino Straight this became a big problem. Beeje13, Teflon, AshGraham, Camdaz and Asparagus_Hunter all tussled for position, three or four abreast, and a bit of wobbling and contact led to us all living in Interesting Times for a while.

Miraculously, we all managed to make it through in one piece each! A lap later, though, and Teflon overestimated the speed that AshGraham and Beeje would take into the final chicane, gently pushing Ash into a 180º spin as he tried to take avoiding action. Ash recovered from this superbly. He no long had a shot at winning, but managed to position in 4th just ahead of Camdaz who had put in some great lap times to play his tyre strategy well and get a few seconds ahead of Teflon after the pit stops were done.

Up at the front Lee-ma, Manorhowze and James_m2603 contested for the lead, thoughout. Manorhowze had taken the lead courtesy of a slight error from Lee on lap 1, allowing a fantastic run and great overtake into the last chicane, and defended well until his pit stop from advances by James and Lee, James having got past Lee at some point too. After the pits Manor managed to get past Camdaz, on his different strategy, quite soon, and from then held Lee, back into 2nd, at bay until the last couple of laps, when Lee didn’t have a real opportunity to get past.

Group B

Wet. Wet pretty much sums up Group B so far!

Qualifying was a case of intermediate tyres and being careful not to cut a corner and so invalidate the lap. Sir_j and Stanley1664 suffered from poor setups putting them lower down the grid while AG2297 lost his front wing on his first qualifying lap and after he had pitted and got back out again, half of the qualifying session was over.

The rain didn’t stop for the race. With Chuggy in pole followed by Spooferbarnabas in second it was a race to turn one. Chuggy got away a bit slowly and Spoof managed to pass him at turn one and so gain an early lead, meanwhile down in 5th Tonyyeb was doing well keeping out of trouble and managed to pass a spun out car at turn 2 and a bit later on passing Death-in-Flamez in third place who had spun out following a small collision with Chuggy. In the middle of the field penalties were flying out with AG2297 securing 4 in total but Death-in-Flamez managing to secure 5!

Sir_J wasn’t having much luck at the back of the field as he had made the bold but bad decision to use full wets. This unfortunately meant his lap times werent as fast and his tyres wore out quicker leaving him with a spin on the last lap and a position of 9th. Meanwhile, up front, Tonyyeb had made his way past Chuggy and was facing an 11 lap battle for third between them with them each swapping positions numerous times. When it came to the final few laps, Chuggy’s tyres were deserting him and a spin meant that Matty and Tomjakes managed to pass him. Due to Matty having a penalty though, Chuggy managed to secure 4th with Tomjakes in 3rd and Matty in 5th and a very well deserved win for Spooferbarnabas. You can see Chuggy’s race in the video below.

Group C

Group C had a few false starts due to connection issues but when we finally got going we were lucky enough to have two dry sessions.

Tom was the early pace setter in qualifying but about mid way through the session Scaramanga took top spot and in the final minute I (Jambo) joined him on the front row only 7 hundredths behind. Tom and Kamikaze made up the 2nd row with Freezebug and davidsmall occupying the third.

The race was next and I made a good start passing Scaramanga on the outside to take the lead which I held at about a second for the next four laps. Behind, things werent so smooth with both davidsmall and lenn spinning, lenn’s spin collected Origami Killer which left him well down as he had to pit for a new nose.

On lap 4, Scaramanga span dropping him down to the middle of the pack and behind Tom started to give chase. Jambo was conserving fuel at this point and entered the pits with a 4 second lead, over the next few laps Tom closed in at one point getting alongside and leading for a few metres until I passed him round the outside at turn 2. At this point Tom got a penalty for contact which was unfair and this time was taken away again after the race.

At this point Jambo was two laps to the good on fuel and ran rich to the end as Tom struggled a little on worn tyres and dropped back.

At the end of the race there were quite a few penalties which moved Kamikaze up to second with Tom completing the podium.

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  1. Had a better race than last week even though I still finished 5th. The back straight on the 1st lap was, as mentioned, rather hairy, then I had a good battle with Tef then Ash.

  2. May I just detail the final part of your summary there Jambo.

    “At the end of the race there were quite a few penalties which moved Kamikaze up to second with Tom completing the podium.”

    I was running a comfortable third and with Tom’s penalty, this pushed promoted me to 2nd.

  3. Awesome first few turns, then uneventful for me after my crash. Well done to Jambo and the other top 3 finishers.

  4. That five car straight battle was my favourite moment of the tournament so far.

    • Not mine, I had bad experiences of being in front of a pack going up to a corner, I was expecting a sharp bash from behind, but Ash took the flak it seems…

  5. Was delighted to win this week as this was my first time playing the game with a ds3!

    • Yeah that a blow for the rest of us, you’d probably win with a Joystick :P
      Seriously though, well done Jambo, I just wish that I hadn’t messed up my set up as I know I’d have been in the mix at the end.
      Good day for Tom though with the two race re-starts and the penalty withdrawn to move him up a place, which was a fair decisions imo ;)

  6. It was nice to claim a win this week and hopefully I can get a good result in Melbourne as well, although I think penalties could be an issue as it is very easy to get them down under it seems.

    It was a relatively quiet race for me after the first few laps but Lee and james gave me no time to ease off and I had to push every lap of the race.

  7. AG2297, you make it sound like i wouldnt have finished 9th if not for my [insert swear word] setup and [and again…] decision! I disagree as i think i would have still finished 9th, but very nicely written! Haha

  8. I’ve been practising. Hard! Now your all in f**kin trouble! ;) …….uh not

    • What happened to you on the final lap, were were overtaking each other for a while, then you fell way back….?

  9. Internet problems doomed me to 7th, despite the game telling me I was second for the entirety. Not sure who pushed me off and who caused me to get a penalty (which definitely wasn’t a penalty), but if not for that I would have probably finished in the top 5. Still, that’s racing, and I need to pull off something special in the next few to qualify.

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