Assassin’s Creed: Recollections Announced

Have you played the main Assassin’s Creed games? How about the portable titles? That’s great, but have you read the books and watched the live-action movies? You have?! Well, here’s something you might be interested in: a real-time board game for the iPad titled ‘Recollections’.

Due out at the end of this year, players must win battles and collect cards which feature characters from the AC games. As well as multiplayer, there will be up to ten hours single player gameplay.

Source: VG247



  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING NEW FOR THE COLLECTION!

  2. Can. Not. Wait. Gonna be a good 10 hours… .and then there’s multiplayer?! :D

  3. “Teh Nerds” will be all over this. :P

  4. crikey they are really milking AC aren’t they

  5. Oh, I remember the days when board games were on boards…
    p.s. assassins creed, why do you feel the need to invade every aspect of entertainment. Books, screen, games, porn (not seen it, but rule 34 of the internet is clear…). I mean, really? :/

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