Resident Evil Chronicles HD Selection Announced for PS3

Famitsu is reporting that Capcom has announced Resident Evil Chronicles HD Selection for the PS3. The game will feature on-rails shooters ‘Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles’ and ‘Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles’, both of which were originally released on the Wii and have a decent Metacritic rating of 75.

As one would expect, there will also be updated graphics and PS Move implementation. There is no word on a Western release yet.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Awesome. I’ve been looking to get these for the Wii but I know I probably wouldn’t get around to playing them on that platform.

  2. That is good news now i don’t have to get a Wii

  3. Yay, more games for Move…..

  4. Ruddy hell! There will be 2 games that are perfect for Move and will use Move. :O

    Looks like one of my reasons for getting a Wii will be gone if it gets a western release. I wonder if it will have online Co-op?

  5. Resi 4 remake [check]
    Resi Chronicles remake [check]

    You never know, maybe REmake and Zero are on the cards next! :D

  6. Not interested to be honest. It just rubs salt into the big wound that Capcom caused by not offering Move support for the RE4 remake. Hopefully they will take the initiative and port Zero and the REmake!

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