Uncharted 3 To Get Retro DLC Skin Pack

According to a recent Famitsu blog post, our first round of Uncharted 3 DLC could be a retro skin pack, adding 26 new playable avatars to the current circulation, some of which are the same character but in a alternate outfits (Doughnut Lazarevic, Wetsuit Elena etc.) Aside from maybe one or two, all of the skins seem to have been stripped from Uncharted 2’s multiplayer, having been slightly re-worked. Here’s a full list:

  • UC2 Drake
  • UDF Drake
  • Winter Drake
  • Wetsuit Drake
  • UDF Elena
  • UC2 Elena
  • Winter Elena
  • UC2 Chloe
  • Winter Chloe
  • Jeff
  • Tenzin
  • Schaefer
  • Flynn
  • Roman
  • Navarro
  • Lazarevic
  • Dougnut Lazarevic
  • Draza
  • Dragan
  • Eddy
  • Prakoso
  • Sark
  • Tetram
  • Undead Explorer
  • Vodnik
  • Lovak

Apparently each skin will be available individually on the PSN Store, selling at 50 Yen (roughly £0.39 a pop,) a lot cheaper than some downloadable skins, though Sony will likely bundle the entire lot for a healthy discount too.


A launch date has yet to be verified, though given the spoiler-free and not-exactly-new nature of the skin pack it may even hit the store this week.

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  1. That’s bullshit ND, all of these skins are ripped from UC2, they look exactly the same (actually some of them look worse as they don’t seem to have been polished up to suit UC3), and a lot of them I’ve already bought for UC2. Come on. And they’re already on the disc, yes I’ve got the game. Disappointing.

    • Chill out, if you don’t like it, don’t but them, simple. I don’t think I’d ever spend a single penny on skins for any game, I honestly don’t care a jot for them.

      • Well I’ll be getting them as I love the Uncharted games and plan on spending some time with the MP. I do however feel disappointed with ND about this, charging for old content, on the disk, which we’ve already payed for. I can’t be the only one noticing how skewed the logic behind that is.

      • You don’t like them, but you’re going to buy them.. I don’t think it’s their logic that’s skewed.

      • I don’t dislike the skins, I dislike how ND are charging for content that they’ve simply copy-pasted from UC2 into UC3, and that I have already payed for.

        I bought two map-packs for the first LBP, they both transfered to LBP2 without me having to pay anything, because they were exactly the same and I had already bought them. I may have been a bit naive towards ND here because I think they’re a great studio, but this is a cheap way of earning money through DLC that sadly had become common practice as of lately, and I don’t like it.

      • Sony are charging, not Naughty Dog. This is the same relationship as Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have with the crazy nonsense release of Batman.

        I completely agree that it’d be awesome to have all these skins for free, but if I’m not mistaken, they’re already boosting the number of maps in the game from the same level as the 8 that UC2 had on disc to include all of the DLC maps. So we start of with 12 maps on disc, time having been spent revamping the looks and differentiating them from the old ones.

        That is a decision that actually matters, since it increases the play time you get. The skins? Purely cosmetic.

      • Yeah you’re right Tef, my bad.

  2. It is fanservice although i wonder if they could have included them in the game? But if they had to sacfrice that to make sure that UC3 is bug free then tis an acceptable reason.

    That is a pretty decent price for skins as some publishers like to charge up to a pound for it. :O

  3. Awesome, I’ll be downloading some of these :)

  4. Always played through uncharted 2 SP in the doughnut skin. Found it too funny. Might buy the doughnut skin, probably won’t be able to resist… £0.39 isn’t too bad for the lolz.

  5. Oh man I was hoping for a Chloe in lingerie :(


    • I would pay up to £100 to see that. What? She has a nice bottom. I was hoping that they would do a pack where the Elanae and Chloe are in Bikinis. But alas, i will have to stick to googling it. :OP

  6. I’ll probably get them all, especially if SCEE do a bundle of all the DLC (maps too) like SCEA are.
    I don’t know why though- I normally pick one skin and go. Plus, with customisable characters, how many skins do we need?
    Still, extra DLC as an option is always a good choice to have.

  7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Royal Mail deliver my copy before the DLC is released.

  8. Hopefully the DLC pre-order thingy will be available before this DLC launches. I’ll definitely be picking it up, something UC3’s online has been lacking is character skins. Big up Tenzin!

  9. Came to think of, wonder whether these old skins will be customizable on the same level as the default UC3 skins?

  10. It’s awfully expensive for a “new” skin pack.

    And no Pinkerton, no Rika?

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