Warriors Orochi 3 Will Feature Guest Characters

A recent scan from the latest edition of Famitsu has revealed that Tecmo KOEI will include a number of cameo characters from other series in their upcoming hack n’ slash, Warriors Orochi 3. These include Ryu Hayabusa, lead protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series as well as Achilles (as featured in Warriors: Legends of Troy,) and Jeanne d’Arc, an NPC in 2007’s action/strategy hybrid, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War.


Unless TK is planning on extending its crossover franchise, we assume that the characters mentioned above will simply be included as bonus content and won’t actually have any relevance to WO’s narrative; it’s worth noting that there are already 120 unique playable characters that are being worked into the game’s plot. Warriors Orochi 3 (confusingly referred to as WO2 in Japan) has yet to be confirmed for an overseas release, launching in Japan on December 22nd.

Source: KOEI Warriors



  1. Should get Master Roshi in the game somehow…

  2. A hundred and twenty playable characters?! Want.

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