WeView: Singularity

This week I’m looking for those of you who like to jump about in time. No, I’m not looking for Time Lords (largely because they’re fictional), instead it seems a bit saner to look for those of you who’ve played Singularity. I haven’t actually tried the title myself, but the sci-fi shooter certainly sounds intriguing. The time manipulation mechanic that forms the center of the game seems far more interesting than the limited tools players are given in most shooters.

Fortunately there are some of us here at TSA who actually have played through the game, and so it seems like a good idea to turn it over to them. Although we didn’t write a formal review of the title, fortunately Jim wrote about the title for Playback. Here’s a quick extract from what he had to say about the game:

It’s very easy to be apprehensive towards games such as Singularity (I actually rented it to begin with), games which strive to be unique yet try hard not to stray from the safety zone. Though the online community has likely withered in numbers, the singleplayer is still definitely worth a look.

Sadly, with Raven Software hit by numerous lay-offs and now assigned to work on Modern Warfare 3’s online component, the chances of a Singularity follow-up or any sort of Activision-published unconventional first person shooter seem bleak if not altogether impossible.

Although he notes a potentially withering multiplayer, the game has somewhat of a following here. In fact there’s a regular Singularity meet with other TSAers, so if you want to take a look at the title’s multiplayer before writing about the game why not go join in?

When you do get around to writing something about the game just head over to the forums and post it for all to see. Make sure you remember to give it a rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale as well, so that I can come up with the the overall community verdict for Monday’s verdict post.

If you want to see your opinion included in that post make sure you get it in before Sunday afternoon, otherwise the post will be written and you’ll be left disappointed.


  1. YES!
    Would like to post a wee review and read other’s aswell. Singularity is popular in here on TSA and such a shame as I didn’t join (Sold it after getting the Platinum)
    Will do that tonight maybe tomorrow.

    • It’s certainly well liked by those that have played it, but i’m not so sure i would go so far as to say it’s ‘popular’ – Blame that on Activision & their lack of marketing for the title though.

      There are a few die-hards around here that still give it an outing most weeks though…

      • Well of course but still Singularity is all you guys talk about it was like a huge attraction and I am sure a few folk may have peeked at the forums to see what the fuss was all about it. I still lurk there and felt jealous hearing you guys were having fun at multiplayer. I was struggling to find a match when I got it on launch!!!

      • Oh, it’s still not as smooth as it should be & gets worse around big releases (Batman, BF3 etc), which probably doesn’t help with it being held on a friday!

        But that was exactly why i wanted to be sure that we had at least 6 when i kicked it off, so that we could start a game ourselves.

        We usually have a few of us each week though & an odd random unsuspectingly stumbles into our lobby to make up the numbers. & if you are realy lucky, you get put into a full game straight away! XO

        Still love it though. :)

      • Not popular…. You can say that again. The only reason I’ve heard of it before is because I see you and a certain sanmartinez rocking it most weekends.

  2. Awesome game.

    Will do a WeView in the coming days (today if i get time!).

  3. I play most weeks with the TSA gang, IMO one of the most fun Meets going. The single-player is diverse, intelligent and entertaining throughout, with props to both conventional FPS’s with it’s shooting mechanic, and Bioshock with it’s powers and lateral thinking. There’s no perk gains in MP, but the choice of characters and their abilities are top-notch.
    Some of the guys have Platinum’d and still die for The Hive each Friday. Join us!
    Buy it (dirt cheap now!)

  4. Apart from Bioshock this game has a very good storyline for a FPS that I actually cared about enough to see what the outcome was.

  5. Looking forward to a Weview for this one. Like a lot of people I didn’t pick this game up and have since heard very good things about it. Might be enough incentive to pick up a cheap copy.

  6. Most underrated game this generation for me – I got it when I was ill to pass some time and absolutely loved it. Definite buy!

  7. Brilliant game, very underrated game, loved it. Picked it up in the steam sale and it was one of last years hidden gems :)

    • Well said, fella. Sounds like one of those games that deserves an awful lot more recognition than it got first time around.

  8. Looks like I won’t be weviewing this week then. Haven’t played it before and don’t have time to rent and play it before Sunday. Too many potential Battlefield victims to victimized.

  9. yeah I liked it as well, didnt play the multiplayer

  10. i read the title and though of a totally different game.

    what was the name of that fps sega released for the wii that featured time travel elements?
    that was the one i’m thinking of but i can’t remember the name.

    mind you i haven’t played that or this one, so i couldn’t really give a valid opinion of either.

    • Was that “The Conduit” game for wii by sega?

      Loved Singularity when it was released. Also loved the other not so loved time travel game TimeShift, though i could barely make out what the hell was going on in the story, just thought the time shifting was so cool!

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