Apple Voted Biggest Influence On Games Industry

Here’s a headline and a half: Apple has been voted the biggest influence on the video games industry.

The report from which the conclusions were drawn surveyed one thousand people working in the industry, with Apple founder Steve Jobs voted most influential person (with 26% of the vote overall) and the iPhone taking 17% of the product category.


The top five people and products from the survey, which was carried out by the London Games Conference, are below:

Top five people to have shaped video games

  • Steve Jobs 26% / 46%
  • Gabe Newell (co-founder and managing director of Valve) 16% / 29%
  • Shigeru Miyamoto (developer of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda) 7% / 12%
  • Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the world wide web) 4% / 8%
  • Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) 3% / 5%

Top five products to have shaped video games

  • Apple’s iPhone 17% / 53%
  • Nintendo Wii console 7% / 22%
  • Xbox Live 3% / 9%
  • The original PlayStation console 3% / 9%
  • Steam (digital distribution) 2% / 7%

(First figures are percentage of overall vote; second are percentage of top five votes)

“In just over three years the iPhone and the App Store have transformed what consumers expect of games, and how the industry makes and sells them – today, download games have come to the fore,” said Michael French, editor in chief, MCV.

“Forget PlayStation, the Internet or Mario,” says the press release, “it seems Apple has had the biggest impact on the world of video games.”




  1. Apple has certainly had an impact in the phone gaming market, making it easier for smaller devs to release games but on the gaming industry as a whole? No.

    Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft & Sony all had bigger impacts. Even Valve, with Steam as well as critically acclaimed games. Apple may have had some impact in the last couple of years but the other companies I’ve named had bigger impacts before any even knew what an iPhone was.

    • *anyone

    • Well put. I agree entirely. Also, I really don’t think Mark Zuckerberg should be up there at all.

  2. not in a million years would I agree with that.

  3. Cack.

  4. I don’t think Apple had any influence on any of the games I play.

  5. I wouldn’t agree with that either i think the biggest are the first Nintendo and the original PlayStation and of course PS2 was huge too it brought a lot of new gamers

  6. Yep, absolutely. Although I’d argue that Xbox Live and Steam should be considered more strongly than that.
    Without iOS, you don’t have Vita, you arguably don’t have the Wii U, you don’t have the proliferation of smaller casual games that keep studios in business on the XBLA and PSN, you don’t have Minis at all. The PS3/Vita interaction and interoperability probably wouldn’t have arisen without iOS on iPhone/iPad/Apple TV proving that it was a banner feature either.
    It’s funny to see gamer’s resist the massive changes Apple has ushered in while the “proper” games companies those gamers staunchly cheerlead for are clamouring to emulate it. I wonder if they’re the same people who rallied against analogue sticks on consoles and external memory for saves?

    • I agree about steam and xbox live but not Apple. They’ve had a big influence on games on mobiles but what has really changed about the areas of games before Apple got involved?

      The Wii U is a big HD DS, Nintendo seem to have influenced themselves.

      The Vita doesn’t do that much the PSP didn’t. Things like a touchscreen and motion control are influenced more by the DS than the iphone. Most of the connectivity between the Vita & PS3 existed with the PSP expect things like save games (but that was more of a processor/ram issue due to the PSP not being capable of the same level of game like LBP that the PS3 had) and trophies (which would have been compromised but the level on hacking on the PSP). Facebook & twitter integration seem to be the main thing influenced by Apple but many would argue they wouldn’t be a loss. It’s still yet to be seen how much any of the new features will even effect the games. They still look like the PSP games but there is just more of them. Most would argue the most important change on the Vita is the second analogue stick which clearly isn’t influenced by Apple.

      The iphone and steam influences the PSPgo but not really a good thing.

      Home console games haven’t really change in the lifetime of the iPhone. The changes there have been have influenced more by xbox live and steam than anything else.

      At the start of the PS3s lifetime the big games were Uncharted, COD, Fifa and Assassin’s Creed. That hasn’t changed but they do all now have online play now and you can’t credit Apple with that. Yes minis exist now but would they really be missed they still play second fiddle to PSN games which in turn play second fiddle the major releases.

      Apple have been involved in developing a new market but they don’t appear to have influenced what was already there. I honestly can’t find anyway they have changed or influenced the games I play or how I game.

    • Oh come on Peter, really? A bigger influence than the PS1 or even the PS2, some of the first consoles to bring gaming to the masses? Bigger than the NES or the SNES, which stated it all? Maybe in more modern times they’ve had a big impact, but overall? Complete rubbish.

      As for Steve Jobs, the man who completely resisted gaming from the outset? Apple stumbled upon gaming and Jobs was never a fan. Absolute and utter rubbish.

      • Stop thinking different! You WILL accept that Apple has changed the world!

  7. What? no…

  8. Was the survey done in Cupertino? I can forgive the inclusion of Steve Jobs but Mark Zuckerberg is just laughable…

    • I actually get Zuckerberg’s inclusion tbh.

      With the amount of requests I get for ‘social networking games’ on a daily basis, people definitely play them & they are popular among the ‘socialites’, so I can see why he is there.

      Do i consider Apple to be the biggest influence on gaming? No.

      But i do see that things like i-products & wii’s have brought gaming to a larger fanbase.

  9. They may have had a huge impact on the mobile Market, but nothing on home consoles. Definitely not the biggest influence in the games industry anyway.

  10. Biggest influence since when? The last decade, month, year, week? Apple has had made one big impact on the industry. It’s now more about how you package something than how good the actual device or game actually is. Angry birds had more of an impact than Apple. Without a developer making a lot of money no one else follows. Everyone jumped on the wii band wagon but then struggled to make money, we won’t know its real influence for years. I’d argue the casual ps2 games like buzz and singstar have had a bigger influence. They influenced the casual focus of the wii and they were probably some of the first series of games to draw people who don’t traditionally games into games. They showed there was an untapped market as did the sims.

    • that’s a really good call on the PS2’s switch to a casual focus. I also agree that it might be too early to tell with Apple, we need to see how sticky the things they’ve inspired are before we can really make a judgement, I guess.

      • It’s very easy to get caught up in things when they are current but it’s far easier to see what real influence things had 5 or 10 years down the line. The playstation has been heavily credited with moving games out of bedrooms and in to the living room but online games have taken games back to the bedroom again while the Wii has tried to stop that. The iphone has tried to put everything in one device but consoles have become more horses for courses despite them trying to do everything. It’ll be interesting to see where we end up in 5 years time.

        I think we get caught up in the moment about individual games as well. I’d love to see websites/magazines go back and re-do their GOTY awards 5 or 10 years on, I’m sure oppinions would have changed.

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