Dark Souls Ships 1.5 Million

It’s funny to think that Demon’s Souls only just made it over here by the skin of its teeth; it was a gamble for sure.

The spiritual successor, Dark Souls, has had no such problems as From Software and Namco Bandai have announced that worldwide shipments have crossed the 1.5 million mark.


The sales were broken down by region:

  • Japan: Released on 9/22, 370,000 shipped
  • North America: Released on 10/4, 620,000 shipped
  • Europe: Released on 10/7, 470,000 shipped
  • Asia: Released on 10/18, 40,000 shipped

Source: Andriasang



  1. I like these numbers. Especially for the US and Europe. Hopefully this leads to more US/EU releases of great games that are focused on the japanese market.

  2. Not enough sales I say; this game is excellent, freezing issues aside.

  3. But these figures are copies shipped, not copies sold. Misleading headline.

    • I’m guessing someone’s sneakily edited the headline, as that looks pretty much spot on to me :)

      • Not necessarily, there’s always a chance I got it wrong. Not like Tsa to do stealth edits, they’d normally at least own up to it in the comments.

  4. Good figures, i’m glad I bought it :D

  5. I’m still not one of those figures, after Demons Souls being one of my favourite games I feel ashamed not to have given Dark Souls a go yet :P

  6. Im happy that its done well as its such a fantastic game, one of the best this year for me.

  7. This game is definately on my “buy during January-sales list”. Really looking forward to playing it but obviously you need to put a lot of time aside to take on a monster like this, so I’d rather wait until the likes of Uncharted3, Saints Row and MW3 have died down a bit and I’m sat there waiting for Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite to come out.

    • Yeah I might do the same with Skyrim, needs lots of time..but You still wouldn’t escape from the fated jingle of “You have died” the worst thing to ever happen in Demons/Dark Souls…

      My 12000 souls…. >.>

  8. Although its not me cuppa tea at all I am happy for the game to have done so well as hopefully it will open up the Japanese market a bit more so we can get a slice of there more interesting games.

  9. I really must buy this game at some point. I just have to see what it’s all about. I need more monies though, but who doesn’t…

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