First Uncharted 3 DLC Launches On EU PSN

Missing yesterday’s weekly PSN update (for reason unknown,) Sony has launched a slew of multiplayer content for Naughty Dog blockbuster, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, as well as passes for the Fortune Hunters’ Club. 25 character skins have been added to the current circulation, selling at £0.40 a piece, also available in three selected bundles at £2.39 each. As many will have already noticed all of these skins have been stripped from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and we can report that unlike many of the Uncharted 3 avatars they lack any sort of customisation options.

As mentioned earlier the Fortune Hunters’ Club has finally opened its doors to EU plunderers after being left in the dark leading up the Uncharted 3 launch. Putting down £19.99 will bag you all 25 of the available downloadable skins as well as the first four future DLC packs for Drake’s Deception. Though described as map packs, we suspect they will also include bonus characters as did the Uncharted 2 content.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. If you plan On using the “Download all” feature of PSN for the skins, then only add each bundle to the basket and checkout 1 at a time. PSN can’t hack it if you’ve got more than 20 odd downloads in that way.

    Poor, pain in the bottom UI design. Bring on the PS4, along with much improved GUI design please.

    • I’m sure this could be improved now, surely PS Store portion is separate to the system software. They’re just too lazy, instead they will slow down the store even more, as ‘security measure’ (the delay on activation of Download/Add To Cart buttons at the moment is just sad).

      • The problem is that instead of going in and getting one thing, like I used to, I’m going in once a month to grab all the PS+ content in one go. With all the little pauses and delays it’s turned into one of my least liked aspects of the console.

      • You’re right, teflon – I’m usually doing this the same way and it’s annoying. It was much smoother experience during pre-hack times. Seems like they’ve gone the easiest way to avoid some problems, instead of really optimising and fixing their code.

    • PS4 has nothing to do with improved GUI design. That should be enhanced right here, right now — not in five years.

    • Those little pauses and delays are super annoying but I like the UI of the Store, just wish it was smoother and fast.

      • The sad thing is that it was much faster and smoother in that aspect before the PSN network went down, so it seems they just made it worse “in the name of security”. Seems like the route that Norton Internet Security went once – it was so heavy on CPU usage in early version, it took them few version to sort out this problem, and here it looks that Sony is making PSN slower with each “security fix”.

  2. Not only are they late, 1 dollar = 1 euro. Sony really doesn’t care about their European customers and it shows.

    • do you mean there charging a euro for each one!? or just the general prices for us goods are usually using the 1 dollar = 1 euro conversion. yes its still usually more expensive but you have to remember all US prices are tax free (the tax is set by the state so they don’t include tax for national products) where as any euro prices include it. i really doubt Sony make any more profit from a sale in the EU then a sale in the US although ultimately its irrelevant as we still end up paying more.

    • I don’t get why people moan about pricing like this. The same item will cost different money depending on where you’re buying it, its a fact of life.

      • We do have currency systems in place for a reason. Why not just drop all the conversions and make 1 Pound = 1$ = 1€? I can see why you are not moaning. While the Pound is only insignificantly more worth than the Euro compared to the Dollar they do adjust your prices. It might not be much with every purchase but it adds up over time and can be quite frustrating when you know you are paying more than people in a different country with similar standards of living.

      • You have to factor in the different taxes in different countries, its not as simple as just setting a price. USA is one country, with one tax. Eu is lots of different countries with lots of different taxes. Cost of living in comparison to average salary in each country is different. Clearly products sell for different money depending on where you buy, even from the same retailer.

      • That’s why the Euro has different values in different Euro states. If you buy a magazine it has different prices for Germany, France, etc printed right on the cover. You already have different PSN stores for different countries. Hell, even Apple does it with iTunes. .99$ = .79€ =.59 Pounds. It shouldn’t take rocket scientists to figure out a fair pricing scheme.

      • “USA is one country, with one tax.”

        That’s actually halway right. It is one country, but each state has it’s own sales tax percentage, so depending on where you’re buying, you may end up with additional amount on top of the original price. But I’m not sure if the US PSN purchases are also subject to this tax?

  3. £20 seems a bit steep when you think about it. It was £4.79 per map pack last time, with some being lower. And there’s only a few extra skins bundled in. Not much of a reduction in price for the whole bundle.

    • My guess is there are going to be either more packs, more expensive packs or both. But it’s not been announced yet, right?

  4. Its a poor decision, I mean you are paying for a product in which you’re not really sure on what you’re getting. How many maps, just 4 etc? I think I will hold off in buying this just yet.

    • I was thinking the same. They could release as much or as little as they want in those first four packs and the early adopters would just have to accept it. Think I’ll be waiting.

    • As tight-fisted a gamer as I am (I’ve probably purchased only 5 things from PSN in the last year) anything with Uncharted on it is a sale for me. I’m just a sucker for the game, I know, but the content made available for Uncharted 2 was pretty good.

      • I completely agree, any excuse to play it longer is a win for me. Played Uncharted 2 until my controller broke.

    • theirs no way that it’ll cost more to buy the fortune hunter pass then buying all the packs individually, yeah the discount might not be huge (although its 45% for the US) but for anyone that will buy anything uncharted multiplayer related (like me) its well worth buying.

      also i got this early this morning so its been on the store for quite a while

  5. have they reduced the number from 26?( like tsa originally reported) or is one of them a north America exclusive.

    • The doughnut Lazabitch is not there for some reason probably just a mistake.

      • shame. the doughnut skins are the only ones i’m interested in :(

      • What I was sure he was, saw someone play as him too.

      • i have him, hes put on weight :)

      • He is, you have to unlock him.

  6. So, I have to pay for U2 skins that I’ve already paid when purchasing previous game and DLC? Lovely.

  7. A little steep…I love the game but dont usually buy that sort of DLC

  8. Not interested in MP stuff anyways. I’m not even sure I’m going to put in the PSN code.

    • Can I have yours if you’re not going to use it please?

      • Do I need it for split screen coop? That’s the only thing I’d give a spin with my brother. I read on the back that it is needed for coop but if that only refers to online coop then sure. Send me a PM.

  9. I definitely won’t be for forking out for the Fortune Hunter’s Club. Not that interested in skins tbh … at least not enough to pay for them :-) And I’ll wait to see what my friends think of the DLC maps before buying anything.

    Loving the game though. Currently on my second run through. Does anyone else think Crushing isn’t as hard as UC2? And isn’t it nice that Anne Robinson got the part of Kate Marlowe!

    • “Does anyone else think Crushing isn’t as hard as UC2?” Speaking as someone who got the plat on the first two games I am dreading a crushing run on this one at the moment lol. Most of the game has been ok but there are some really bitchy moments even on normal! :|

      • Anne Robinson is the bitch.
        Crushing isn’t as frustrating as UC2 – at least not yet. But I agree that there are a few places that were tricky that I just run and gunned which I won’t get away with on crushing :-)

  10. So… those are the first 3 packs out of the 7 planned for this game? Definitely NOT impressed. This, too, shall “pass”.

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