Skyrim Sound Design Given Some Love

Bethesda has posted a multimedia presentation of what goes in to the sound design of a game like Skyrim. It’s a really interesting piece to read through and it ties in nicely with the podcast and video that’s also there.

To read the full piece, go to the official site (which is also packed with other Skyrim goodies). The podcast can be streamed from here or found on iTunes.


Here’s one of the videos too, about the challenges of convincing sound design. Again, there’s more to be had on the official Bethesda blog.

Source: Bethesda



  1. Will love reading this! thanks for pointing it all out :)

  2. I have my theory test on tuesday. Hopefully I’ll pass and I’ll have a cheeky ask if i can have skyrim as a congratulatory gift :)

  3. Awesome. Cannot wait for this.

  4. i’ll be sure to check this out. just started a sound production course. mabye this’ll come in handy

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