BAFTA Guru Launches

BAFTA, those TV and film awards people, have just launched a brand new project aimed at helping people learn about creative industries. The great thing is, it’s not just aimed at those interested in TV and cinema – they’ve included games too.

BAFTA Guru is a website and learning resource that will feature many interviews, lectures and debates from leading stars within the creative industries. It looks likely to become a fantastic resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career (or just a fertive interest) in games.


The site is live right now through this link and it will be continually updated to make sure there’s always plenty to dig into.

It’s fantastic to see BAFTA take a leading role in reinvigorating the UK’s creative industries and it’s even nicer that they give such high billing to games. Obviously we’re all for that but for the recognition to come from such an esteemed body is lovely.

Here’s a brief clip of Will Wright talking about the addictiveness of games, something I blogged about ages ago, in a much more interesting, engaging and informed way than the usual shock-journalism way we shout about. This is the sort of commentary you can expect.

Source: Press Release



  1. I do like, that video had an interesting angle.

  2. Anything that can help people get into game development is a good thing.

  3. Fantastic! This is great news.

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