Rumour: UK Journalist Leaks GTA V Info

The only thing more frustrating than being shunned by certain major publishers with their big reveals is hearing that those that did get to attend the party can’t keep their mouths shut.

News emerging this weekend suggests that a UK magazine got to see Grand Theft Auto V a day or so before the trailer, and then told a ‘co-worker’ the juiciest gossip.  That info, as you’d expect, then found its way onto the internet.

[drop2]”The mag I work for will be running a GTA 5 special in it’s [sic] January issue,” says the magazine employee in the above link. “They… are currently under a strict embargo but talk flowed out of the office and hence why I am posting here.”

“The game world is absolutely massive and will push both Xbox and PS3 to the very limit in terms of what it has accomplished. Yes, the main city is simply Los Santos however is it AT LEAST 4 times bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4 and that is just Los Santos. The surrounding country side, beaches… are massive.”

That line above seems to at least confirm platforms, and dashes any hopes that the game would extend out to the Las Vegas and San Francisco-esque areas.

Other things stated: the animations are much better, there are more climbable elements, there are many more interior locations, there are lots more NPCs going about their business and there are ‘planes to pilot.

What follows – ad verbatim – is what the insider called the ‘juicy’ bits:

  • Cars can be upgraded/repaired and it has been considered to have a car have fuel forcing the player to fill her up.
  • The dating aspect of the game is gone. You still have a cell-phone but only people you will meet in the game will call you to ask you to do a mission or to ask you to do something else before the mission.
  • Weapons include the usual arsenal you’d aspect but the flamethrowers, remote mines, laxer trip mines and claymores are included. It is possible now to pick up random objects in a street/buidling to use as a weapon. There is also a museam where it is possible to steal old age swords, axes, etc.
  • It is possible to rupture a fuel line and if you shot at the trail of gasoline it will lead straight back to the car blowing it up.
  • Mini games such as bowling, darts, etc have all gone. You can play basketball, weight train, arm wrestle, gamble and cage fight, enter triatholons, water races, cannoing, ab-saling, rock climbing, base jumping, ski diving. More to be confirmed.
  • Character customisation is back but only in terms of clothing, body weight, etc. The player you start off which, much like CJ, can’t be altered by race, age, height, etc.
  • Rockstar said burglary missions may return but only as part of missions and not on neigbourhood houses.
  • No children NPC at all. Ever.
  • There is now an ability to grab people and use as sheilds or in “hostage” situations.
  • The cops are much, much, much more realistic. If you kill somebody when you know there are no cops around you will not run the risk of a one star as often as you would in GTA4. The cops will use smoke and tear gas, dogs, riot gear and rams to knock down the doors of buildings you are hiding in.
  • You can enter some buildings and lock doors, push objects in the way to barricade.
  • You become better at things as the game progresses. If you only ride motorbikes then you will increase your skills, same as individual weapons.
  • Certain weapons can be customisable and some even home-made.
  • One mission involves breaking out a very familiar GTA icon from a previous game…
  • Torrential rain fall and sunshine and even tremors will appear in the game.

We don’t know which magazine it was, or even whether or not this is all an elaborate hoax, but Future’s Tim Clark categorically stated that the “‘journalist’ with the GTA insider ‘info’ sure as shit doesn’t work for either of Future’s PlayStation mags.”

Via VG247.



  1. I’m going to wait till Rockstar offical confirms the details.

    I really hope the fuel bit is not in the game as it would be annoying as hell if you start a timed mission only for the car to run out of fuel.

    I wonder if it is CJ or Tommy Vecetti who will break out of jail if true?

    • To be able to have the feature turned on/off would be good. Would add more realism if you’re just messing about in the city.

      • True but if it was forced on the player then it would be very annoying. :) I hope we actually get a speedometer this time around.

      • If they do implement that, I hope that is made so you can turn it off and on as I prefer te screen to be clutter free of the HUD

      • Perhaps you simply drive through a petrol station to refuel, rather than having to stop and get out, etc. Although, in my opinion, GTA games do have a tendency for dull time consuming tasks such as this at times.

    • I can’t see that the returning jailbreak character (if true) would be CJ or Tommy Vercetti.
      I was always under the impression that Rockstar stated GTA IV took place in a different universe than III, VC & SA.
      Unless there are any links (not nods, actual hard links) between IV & the PS2-era that I have forgotten…

    • Xbox version comes on 5 DVD’s that all need to be installed, and the game doesn’t work on the HDD-less Xbox.

      The PS3 version comes on 1xBlu-Ray and has an optional part-install of 4GB.

  2. Those things sound very, very good to me.

  3. Interesting info. All of it sounds believable enough, there’s nothing really shocking here – someone could have made this list by looking at GTA4 and the trailer for V and extrapolated from there.

  4. You can uprade your ars? That’s a bit rude even for Rockstar.

    • I spotted that too, baby got back.

    • I’m still puzzled as to what a museam is.. :p

      Typos aside, this all sounds cool, except the fuel in cars, and the skills in riding bikes and weapons, bit too rpg-ish for me. Although the cop improvement sounds much, much better

      • I think it is the offical name for Bmike’s place. ;)

  5. All seem like great improvements, especially the car mods!!

  6. I call fake. No journalist in the games industry would mix up it’s and its. Oh, wait …

    • Yeah, the spelling in the list seems fishy at best. Can someone please tell me what a “museam” is? ;)

      • Don’t be too put off by the poor English.
        The original GTAForums poster said he/she worked for the mag and had not been privy to the information themselves, but were realying what they heard.
        So they could be a workie/artist/postroom worker, etc. – i.e. someone not employed for their grasp of language.
        Still remain sceptical, but it could be true.

  7. I call BS anyway until Malcolm MacMalcolm of Malcolm, Malcolm and Malcolm Analysts speaks out again, that guy knows what he’s talking about…. ;)

    • Haha, indeed I to shall await his acknowledgement of this information

  8. Would love for most of this to be true, but will wait for official confirmation from Rockstar or see if this magazine is telling the truth next month.

    • Same, there are going to be loads of rumours etc. until Rockstar tell all.

  9. What the hell is ‘cannoing’??

    Does it have anything to do with cans?

    • Maybe its the canoe variety.

    • I first read that as cannoning. I demand cannons in GTA V!

    • ski diving too? is that sky diving spelt wrong? or some new scuba/ski mix?

      • Yep, jumping out of planes with skis on i reckon. :)

  10. I am looking forward to rock star confirming what’s going in the game, looking forward to it

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