All-New VidZone Out Today

I’ll be honest; I never really use my PS3 for anything other than games. There are those, however, who take full advantage of the multimedia services on offer, and they will be pleased to hear that the all-new VidZone launches today. For those who don’t know, VidZone is a free music video streaming service.

Brand new features available include:

  • Zones: Instead of browsing through thousands of videos, uses can go straight to a Zone that suits them most. Zones categorise music videos by genre or theme and direct users to the type of videos they want to see the most – making is easier and more fun to discover new videos or artists – Rock Zone, Pop Zone, Hip-Hop Zone, Party Zone or Live Zone are just a few examples.
  • My Zone: Create a completely customized experience with the new My Zone feature.  Music video lovers can add all their favourite playlists or TV channels and start building a library of only the music videos they love the most – then jump straight into the content from the VidZone home screen.
  • V-Mix: This smart playlist generator will play music videos by artists similar to what the user is watching at that time.
  • Social Connectivity: Confessing your love for a music video is simple.  With Facebook integration users can share all their recommendations with their friends and with a few simple clicks they can invite PSN friends to join them in VidZone just as easily.
  • Optimised Search: Completely updated, VidZone now offers up-front shortcuts to the most popular content, as well as a redesigned search function including ‘similar artist’ functionality that makes finding videos quick and easy. Brand new progressive search instantly displays results of artists / videos by just typing a few letters. The more letters typed, the more defined the search.

Source: Press Release



  1. For those whose consoles restart when downloading the update; delete the vidzone application then download and install from playstation store.

    • Thought that I should add, the interface is absolutely stunning. Much quicker, slicker and user friendlier. I particularly like the video of the day feature, great job vidzone devs!

  2. Great update, massive improvement over the previous UI, just doesn’t cater for my musical tastes too well… But you can’t please everyone right? Especially when it comes to music…

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