Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Gets Launch Trailer

Out now in the US, and in February for the UK, a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection has been released.

A celebration of the history of Metal Gear, it also shows off the HD upgrade the game has received.

Source: YouTube



  1. really considering importing from USA…..

    • Done it. Its about £36 from inc postage. Canny wait!

  2. I’m confused, I thought the UK release date was put back to February 2012, no??

    • Yes sorry, the database we use still has the old date

      • Phew! That’s ok, just that I’ve got 1 of 4,000 Special Editions from Zavvi that’s about £60-£70, and after BF3, Uncharted 3 and MW3 Hardened Edition already from this months wages, was worried about whether I needed the funds in the account this month!! :)

        How’s things with the new baby? Sleeping ok? I made the mistake of playing MW3 until late last night, then my son woke up at 4am for a bottle, so I’m knackered today. Fail

      • Ah yes, the troubles of the gaming father I know all to well. Though, you’ve got to look forward to the moment your kids can game with you.

      • Indeed, however I’ll have to punish him if he says that FFVII, MGS and the like look rubbish. Better start saving for his PS7 too.

  3. Wait up! :D They can do ‘Trophies’ for these 3 old games but not for MGS4? Hmm how sh*t :-/ (i am getting it anyway just for MGS:PW, not played that yet) :p

    + a ‘Metal Gear Solid HD Collection’ without the best ‘2’ MGS games? i.e MGS1 + MGS4? Hmm

  4. Why is the difference so big, like Feburary for the UK?? Is this on Vita too btw?

    • Be really interested to know why the delay, but there was mention of rerecording audio for MGS3 which I’m guessing will have an impact if theyre doing the same for all Euro languages. Vita version has been annmounced as well for some point in 2012 I believe.

  5. am going to buy this game, but i must say that trailer was done very poorly. was trying to watch the “on-screen action” and read all that blurb at the bottom. i’m a man, i can’t multi-task!

  6. Defo picking this up next year some time.

  7. If only i still had my PS2 and Snake Eater.

    I am annoyed but glad at the same time that MGS HD has been delayed for EU as i have a lot of games to get over the next year or so. :S Why does there have to be so many decent games that i’m interested in?

  8. I’m tempted to import it if I will have to wait that long for it, I also like the US cover better than the one I will get over here. Hmmm….

    Hope that special edition makes it’s way to Australia, I really want that art book – though a steelbook case would be just about as tempting.

    I quite liked this trailer to, nicely sophisticated and very sleek – just like a certain Snake we all know and love. Though I agree with the poster above the text at the bottom was annoying.

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