Blogger Questions GAME’s Customer Service

Yesterday the internet briefly sparked into life as blogger Fawndoo posted up his appraisal of one of GAME’s high street branches – in particular, the apparent behaviour and language of the store’s manager.

The blog details his version of events as the author says he tried to redeem his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 pre-order and the aftermath of not having both slips of paper with him.  Whilst the initial sales assistant remained well mannered and polite, he alleges that the manager did not.

I know the branch in question – Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street GAME is a big one, and normally staffed by polite enough guys that, whilst obviously subscribing to the GAME approach, have never bothered me in the way the blogger reports.

[drop2]”The manager,” says Fawndoo, “immediately took a belligerent and aggressive tone. Even his body language was confrontational. There was nothing about this man that suggested he was there to manage the situation, explain matters and possibly find a solution.”

He alleges the manager wouldn’t accept the pre-order because there was nothing on the receipt to confirm that the £5 deposit was valid – something the blogger disputes with some enthusiasm – but it’s the mannerisms that seem most off, apparently suggesting that Fawndoo take his business elsewhere.

“Take it or leave it” is a repeated mantra.

It’s well worth a read, if only to get a grip on how to write up a restrained, considered complaint.  Certainly, GAME themselves have taken notice and replied, even if the reply doesn’t quite cover the personal apology the blogger requested.

“The service you have described falls way short of the high standards we would expect and as I indicated earlier your comments have been forwarded to the Regional Manager responsible for the Glasgow store,” says the official response from GAME.

“The Regional Manager will investigate your concerns and address the service issues you have raised.”

This, admittedly, sounds like the way complaints should normally be dealt with – moving up through the chain of command in an official capacity. Whilst the apologies – one from head office and one from the manager of the store – may both never emerge, at least the power of the internet (mainly Twitter, to be honest) has got the high street store to take some action, and quickly.

I know friends that work in GAME, past and present, and don’t normally have any issues at all although I’ve not pre-ordered anything with them for years.  The incident in question sounds rather uncomfortable (we skipped the most barbed comments) and hope it gets concluded soon.

We’ve reached out to GAME for comment.

Update: it seems that GAME have, at the bloggers request, put a donation in for Macmillan’s Cancer Support of the full value of the game, including the pre-order.  Lovely.  Are we all smiling now?



  1. I won’t lie, whenever I head in to GAME I always get one of two people. Either the helpful, yet slightly annoying “is there anything I can help you with” stuff that remain polite and good staff. Or, and at quite an alarmingly high rate, an arrogant teenager who thinks they know everything there is to know about gaming and that his opinion is the only one that matters. Generally (and I hate to use the term) fanboys of a particular console.

    A friend of mine works at GAME, and a year or two ago she said to me that the manager told them to “sell XBOX to people that look like they know about gaming as much as you can, but sell PS3s to ‘idiots that look they have too much money than sense’ and ‘parents who haven’t got a clue and are looking to buy a present’. I’ll stress that is only what I have been told by my friend who works there, although I have no reason to doubt her claims.

    • Sounds like the manager is an idiot and also didn’t really understand the product they were selling regarding both PS3/Xbox 360.

      This is why I do all my gaming shopping online unless I see a decent deal in a supermarket.

    • Online shopping FTW.

  2. He shall get nothing more than a slapped wrist if my experience of managerial procedures has taught me.

  3. In a strange way this is excellent news. It shows the power of the web, and how individuals have influence like they’ve never had before. Years ago this would have gone unnoticed and been forgotten about. Now, you know about it, I know about it and GAME’s upper management know about it. I bet any money this Craig fella will think twice about how he treats customers in the future, as will anyone in a similar position who reads this story.

    In the words of C Montgomery Burns: “Excellent…”

  4. That was a great read. Informative and witty, without resorting to childish levels. If I ever need to complain I’ll be taking a leaf out of this guys book.

  5. GAME is a joke, filled with a bunch of chookters especially in Edinburgh/Glasgow

    • I know I’m going to regret this but what is a “chookter”?

      • I think it refers to anyone from Aberdeen or above ! I went to school in Inverness but escaped to Liverpool many years ago.

      • urban dictionary says someone from northern scotland, exciting stuff!

    • The GAME on Princes St is annoying, seems I can’t go 5 seconds without them bothering me about pre-owned sales patter. It makes me just walk straight back out again.

      • Game in bradford has one good staff member. Rest are xbox fanboy pricks. Gamestation is upping its game lol. Wish a new games store would open, and show them all how to go on. I use GMC and blockbusters much more now.

  6. I’ve had some problems with GAME staff in Leamington Spa too. That’s why I no longer shop there for my games. It’s all amazon and hmv now!

    • I’ve noticed that too. But if I don’t buy online, or just want to trade in, it’s always Gamestation. Usually some good banter between the guys and gals behind the counter there, Game just seems very sterile and corporate to me – that and the miniscule PS3 section they have!

  7. I hope Douglas gets £5 cash back!
    GAMES throughout UK (Glasgow) is the reason I don’t shop they ask too much, with a lot of questions, I just want that game, not with a book, or with a wee toy for discounted…. takes 10mins to leave GAME with the game you wanted.
    No I do not want points card, never shop again!

    • Reward points card is actually useful.

  8. As some who have read my forum posts will know I have a particular axe to grind when it comes to Game. I allways end up with the teenager who thinks he is gods gift to gaming and asumes that I know nothing and am buying games for male friends or family. Girls like gaming too and not just singstar, move fitness stuff (appeals to some but its not for me) real call of duty, battlefield noob hunting, getting to the next save point, turning all the lights off to play silent hill until 4am gaming. I hate Game and avoid it at all costs.

  9. Had exactly the same trouble at the main store in Norwich! Manager there was rude and to me..looked extremely scruffy for someone running a store. Best they all shut-down really, sorry to the employers who actually are polite and work hard.

    • I am afraid that I disagree that they should all be shut down – Firstly for the point that you made in that some honest, hard working staff would lose their jobs, but also for the fact I think that gaming needs some kind of high street presence. Plus people need somewhere to buy me games when told that this is what I would like for xmas, as some of them don’t shop online! :)

      They do however need to re-assess their training & selling methods & whether everybody would like pre-owned sales shoved down their throat on every visit. I get that this is where they make their real money from, but c’mon!

      They also need to get their staff to give out correct information & to the correct people – For example, I need very little persuading into making a purchase as I am generally pretty informed on what is out there & what I am interested in. If you are going to give me some ‘facts’ about a game I already know about, you better make damn sure you know what you are talking about, as I will correct you if you are wrong. I would rather you admit that you don’t know much about it if you don’t.

      Additionally, they need to be more informative towards non-gaming members of the family instead of just insisting that they buy one console or game over the other due to fanboyism (which I have seen happen). They should know each selling point of each console or game, be able to effectively relay that to the customer & then the decision ultimately lies with the customer, with which one best fits what they were looking for.

  10. I have to say I’m a stickler for good polite employees that want to help in stores. I used to work as deputy manager in a shop.

    Everytime I go into Game I have found the employees to be polite and helpful, not once have I had a problem. To be frank I think this person complaining probably met a manager that was having a very harrassed and stressed person, and unfortunately got a bad response from the manager. It happens, we all have off/bad days.

    Personally I would complain if treated in a bad way, especially from a manager, but I feel here that if the gamer has got his back up from being told he was wrong and thought he would use his internet muscle to complain, knowing he would get people on his side. The point of this is what? Just causing trouble for no reason. We all have problems with shops, but don’t go shouting on the internet to cause a stir, if you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

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