CoD Elite Still Struggling

It’s been a couple of days since the global launch of Modern Warfare 3. Usually, by this time, all the online issues that are omnipresent at the launch of big multiplayer games are settling down. Elite, Activision’s social stat tracking service, is not yet showing signs of becoming more stable.

To be fair, the multiplayer side of Modern Warfare 3 is settling down as the sheer number of people all trying to access it at once reduces. But Elite seems to be posing a slightly different problem from Activision.


Sign ups are high and the huge publisher has trotted out that well-worn excuse that demand is exceeding expectation. Of course, they probably knew there would be massive demand but it’s more financially sound to build a system which will work perfectly with its usual load than it is to build a system which allows for this massive usage spike at the start.

Jamie Berger, Activision’s head of digital, has told Kotaku that while the service is still struggling, it’s being tweaked to allow more simultaneous sign ups which will hopefully allow people to get registered so the service can begin to settle.

So, while Elite is currently struggling, Activision has people on the case and it will, hopefully, be fully functional soon.

Source: Kotaku



  1. it’s ridiculous, they know these games are going to have huge demand at launch, yet they always act surprised by the “demand”

    they ship ten million copies and expect us to believe they’re surprised.

    they’re happy to take the money, but not then reluctant to provide an adequate level of service that people are paying for.

    quick to take the money, not so quick to take the responsibility.

  2. I bought the hardened edition for PS3 and I entered all the codes into the PS Store but I can’t tell if I have founder status or that my elite subscription is actually active or not. When I downloaded and ran the “Elite App” I only get so far before being kicked out of the service, so I can’t tell if that is actually set up correctly or not. Does anyone have any ideas how to check whether I have done it properly? lol

    • To check your Elite subscription has been activated you can check Account Management>Transaction Management>Services List from the PS3 XMB menu.

      If you have registered for Elite successfully you will see the 1 year premium membership listed. You will also see that ‘Founder’ is listed. It’s my understanding that by registering for Elite prior to the 13th November automatically grants you founder status. The founder code is only in the box for people who do not register for Elite prior to the 13th.

      • Thanks for that, I’ll check there when I get home.

  3. Am I surprised….erm…

  4. We all get an extra 30 days for the inconvenience

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