EA: “There Is Going To Be A Battlefield 4”

Shock, awe, horror and rat stabbing – looks like there’s going to be another Battlefield game, and if that comes as as shock, come on – play along – this is the way things are these days.

The news comes from EA’s Frank Gibeau, speaking at a college campus.  The EA Games president blurted out the comment, which was quickly picked up on Twitter and it spread from there.


EA later said that Gibeau was “speaking broadly about the Battlefield brand” rather than a specific sequel, and given that next year is the turn of Medal of Honor, it might not be for a little while anyway.

Let’s hope the single player is a little better this time.



  1. And in other news, night follows day.

    • Not necessarily tony, as what comes after night? :P

      I agree though – It would have been more of a shock if they said that they WEREN’T going to be making BF4.

      • Huh? I don’t get your point, regardless of what follows night, night surely does follow day every single day (at least in my part of the world anyway!)

      • What i meant is that as night follows day, day also follows night. So it actually works both ways! :)

      • LOL! I love how you guys are literally arguing about if night follows day.


      • Ah, but that’s not what you said, you said “not necessarily” as in night doesn’t always follow day, so there ;-)

      • Night does not always come after day (sort of), not if you live way up north where there’s midnight sun.

      • Well, there’re also parts of the world where night lasts for 6 months :D

      • Which is why I said “at least in my part of the world anyway”

      • Wow…

      • The most pointless argument I have ever encountered on a forum, which is quite an achievement.

        Well done :)

      • And it managed to happen without degenerating into name-calling too! :P

  2. Even though I did enjoy the battlefield campaign somewhat, I want them to go back to bad company.

  3. Perhaps another Bad Company? I did like the comedy in those ones…

  4. I’d hope that we won’t see BF4 until 2014. I’d also hope that they do better to differentiate it from the inevitable BC3, as BF3 is just too similar to BC2 in many ways, and really suffers from trying to cater to too many audiences with platform specific bottlenecks.

    If the Karkand expansion is a direct remake of the previous maps then BF3 will really achieve its potential. The problem with that statement is that I shouldn’t have to wish for a developer to copy and paste from a 6 year old game to give it a sense of progression in that time.

    Not meaning to have a bash at consoles at all, I own many and love them individually. But as an avid PC gamer used to all of the games in the BF series, it is somewhat annoying to see what was once truly forward thinking game design stagnated to a point of little or worse map design/game mechanics all because of the financial clout that ageing console hardware holds. I could of course equally blame the worlds economic state, it’s simply the concord effect, of feeling like the rest of the world and its business models are happier without pushing the boundaries any more.

    • Wow, quite some final paragraph there! You weren’t that happy with bf3 because of the world financial state! I’m not disagreeing, I just think that’s awesome!

      • Haha, didn’t mean it to be quite as all encompassing and raging as that ;). I mean that pushing the boundaries isn’t worthwhile anymore, hence us not bettering concord for decades despite its decommissioning.

    • Concord is a totally different kettle of fish, indirectly we have the space race to thank for that bad boy, but good points otherwise! I totally agree with not wanting a new one for a few years, I’d like it if the servers were still busy 2 or 3 years down the line rather than me having to buy a new online FPS every blardy year.

      • new game on a new console, that way consoel gamers get a wicked game with more than 3 flags in a line. DICE, tut tut.

  5. Aw c’mon, BF3 can last a year with DLC in 6 – 9months jeez!
    EA = Milking cash cow…

    • But if it’s 2014 or PS4 then okay I’m happy with that….

  6. Obviously the main Bf franchise will coincide with Infinity Ward’s CoD releases and Medal of Honor with Treyarch’s. & then the Bad Company spin-offs every other Spring… Which is presumably when Sledgehammer will aim to release their entries in to the CoD series once they’re doing their own thing after IW is back on its feet again.
    Quite where Respawn under EA & Bungie under Activision title will fit in is anyone’s guess, presumably we won’t be going short of FPS in the future, along with Res, KZ & Halo… *sigh*

    PS hopefully next time DICE can learn how to program teammate AI to not barge you out of cover.

    • That annoys the hell out of me. The enemy AI can shoot through anything so when you finally get a decent place to ‘hide’ its extremely frustrating to be pushed (and at times Dragged) out of cover.

    • I really don’t think we’ll see 2 ‘full’ (e.g. BC2, BF3) Battlefield releases in a year, but I do agree with your other concerns, especiay about AI that doesn’t push you out of your position :P

  7. BF3 has not even been out for a few months and BF4 is in the works. *grabs a stamp* I hereby brand BF and EA cash cow.

    I really hope it won’t get turned into a yearly series as that could affect the quailty. ;)

    • It doesn’t say that BF4 is ‘in the works’ though, just that there will be one – Which is a pretty expected statement as far as i can see. Will they do another installment of a popular franchise? Of course they will.

      Additionally, i am not sure if BF will be a yearly series, but there are plans to do a yearly release to go up against CoD as far as i understand it. BF one year, MoH the next.

      Although, i am not sure where Bad Company falls into all this! :S

  8. I really wish DICE would start making a second Mirror’s Edge game instead. I LOVED the original, running around in Time Trials (I reached a 90 star rating!), and speedruns – brilliant fun. MOAR!

    Also I really do not need anymore military FPS’ right now, seeing as the single player parts aren’t groundbreaking anymore and the MP will not be much different from current standards..

    I would like to see BF4 at some point, but I’d rather it waits until the next generation shift.

    • Wholeheartedly agree, another Mirror’s Edge would be a lot more welcome for me than yet more military FPS’.

      similarly to yourself I can’t see anything revolutionary coming along until there’s a generational shift in hardware. It’s getting to the stage when I’m finally understanding what my mum meant all those years ago when she said “those games all look the same to me”. Either that or I’m getting old.

  9. Yay bf4, boooo Medal of Honour.

    Will BF4 be on the new consoles then? I’m guessing it could be.

  10. as long as people keep buying them, they’ll keep making them.

    • Rather like The X Factor, Strictly and Pot Noodles then.

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