New LucasArts Domains Spark Speculation

LucasArts has registered several new domains linked to its Star Wars property. The domains, all variations on the name Star Wars: Identities, were registered on November 7th but don’t seem to have been set up by the studio’s games wing so a certain amount speculation is required to reach the following conclusions that some are touting.

LucasArts is known to be heavily into the early development of something, they posted job adverts several months ago. There have been heavy rumours about a new space combat game, similar (I hope) to the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the ’90s. On top of that, there’s the Battlefront game which was seemingly abandoned when Pandemic closed up shop. Or it could be something totally different.

The identities monicker may hint at character creation so will we see a new Star Wars action RPG? Is this all just in preparation for another cartoon outing or perhaps the much rumoured Star Wars TV project? Perhaps it’s going to be the marketing site for when George Lucas announces the trilogy re-release in which he digitally removes everyone’s faces and swaps them for blinking teddy bears?

There’s no telling for sure but I’m always up for a little speculation about Star Wars, so what do you think it might be and what would you like it to be?

Source: fusible via CVG


  1. A RPG would be great, similar to how Monster Hunter and Dark Souls work, simply none of that key-binding stuff with skills and buffs, just action thats better than the Jedi Knight games.

    Space Combat would be brilliant, thats seriously lacking this gen…. theres X on pc… but that game is so complicated, would love to see more Space flight sims or just even arcade.

  2. I want a ‘Star Wars:Battlefront 3’ :(

    • Me too. Those games were the shit. The coop in the first two provided so many good times, way back when, I have many fond memories linked to those games.

      Actually they really should re-release the two Battlefront games with trophies, definite buy!

      • Battlefront 2 HD would be perfect, ‘the shit’ as you put it! That game is screaming for an online reawakening.

      • Totally, was a massive amount of fun! I was so bad at it..

  3. I hope something along the gameplay genre of the Jedi Knight series, maybe a follow on. Outcast and Acadamy was amazing at the time. Obviously better graphics and animations would be implimented. And continue making it the lead platform for PC so it can be modded like the previous two. Or even create a (all 6 movies) Jedi Knight game where you play the characters and follow the story – Like Lego SW however not lego, with the original music, actors from the movies and better graphics & animation?

  4. I would love a new X-Wing Alliance / X-Wing vs Tie Fighter style game..

  5. HmmMMMmm, Battlefront 3 it could be. Since number 2, come a long way the class-based genre has. Online, the revolution has been. Yes, Battlefront 3 I believe it is.

  6. I still want that Indiana Jones game :(

  7. I couldn’t care less bout a Battlefield 3 anymore…A HD remake of ANY of the franchise with online capabilities would be glorious

  8. More Star Wars. Flogging a dead horse. When are Lucas Arts going to resurrect Grim Fandango?

    • This, This, This and This.
      I think there has been plenty enough Star Wars.
      Viva la Grim Fandango

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