Playback: Wanted: Weapons Of Fate

Most games-of-films try to wedge a movie shaped plot in to a game shaped hole and the end result is an unplayable mess. To avoid this problem the developers of Wanted: Weapons Of  Fate, Grin, start their game just after the end of the movie and have created a pseudo sequel.

It’s a clever idea but the downside is that unless you have seen the movie you will not have an iceberg in hell’s chance of understanding the plot. However, as the film contained a gratuitous shot of Angelina Jolie’s  rather pleasing buttocks easing out of a bath I’m fairly confident most of you have watched it.

Set a few hours after the movie, the plot finds our hero Wesley having a dream which ends with his mother being murdered and wakes to find a team of soldiers raiding his apartment. The globe trotting action takes us from the U.S.A to France and Spain and to fill in the back story you also play as Wesley’s father, Cross, in flashback sequences.


Taking the form of a third person shooter the game cleverly mixes in the combat mechanics from the film including the rather abilty to make bullets travel a curved trajectory. Using this ability is very satisfying in a ‘Haha, you think you are clever by hiding behind that wall? Think again sucker! Boom! Headshot!’ sort of way.

The cover mechanic in the game is equally slick and proves that you can make a fast paced cover shooter. In most games of this ilk you lock in to cover and stay stationary, popping out for the occasional shot. Wanted lets you ninja around the scenery at great speed and, when combined with bullet curving and adrenaline fueled slow-mo, the game successfully apes it’s predecessor, the summer blockbuster movie.

[drop]It’s not just the action that will remind of you the film, the game is presented in much the same way with some pithy voice overs from Wesley, now voiced by Jimmi Simpson who’s indistinguishable from original actor James McAvoy. Terrance Stamps returns and chews the scenery, including the now wrecked Chicago chapter house, final resting place of The Loom Of Fate.

The film ‘Wanted’ was a refreshing change from the toned down, PG-13 rated comic book adaptations Hollywood churns out and similarly, the game pulls no punches. There are an awful lot of of F-bombs and some wonderful special effects that will literally turn an enemy to mincemeat in a hail of bullets.

There are some nice graphical effects in the game and the cut scenes are well directed, with clever camera angles and equally witty dialogue. The music deserves a special mention as it uses an expanded version of the Danny Elfman movie soundtrack.  Trip-hop duo U.N.K.L.E. have also remixed Elfman’s tune ‘Little Things’, with the remix serving as the main theme.

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops though, there are three main faults with Weapons Of Fate. Firstly it’s a little short but that can be forgiven now it’s available for a bargain price. As well as that, the boss battles are rather boring. However, the biggest problem is the lack of  gratuitous shots of Angelina’s arse.  It is a very nice bottom, even I can appreciate it.

Back in April 2009 Davs, late of this parish, reviewed the game and gave it a respectable 7/10, noting that the game was lots of fun but rather short for a full price title. are currently selling the game for £7.47, £6.19 and £3.95 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions respectively, an absolute bargain which leaves you a few quid spare for the original film (£2.99 on DVD, £7.99 on blu-ray).

At the bargain price Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is easy to recommend – even without those famous bum cheeks.



  1. Enjoyable game, probably worth it for that price. No idea how it’ll have aged though…

  2. I actually really liked this game – It wasn’t the best thing i have ever played & was a bit on the short side (very similar to the Terminator game that followed from them), but the gun play & bullet bending mechanics were brilliant.

    Was one of my first plats this one i think! :)

    • ahhhh, people always remember their first time. (looks wistfully out the window, lights a pipe and gets reumy eyed over Dead Space)

      • Funnily enough, i actually don’t remember what my first one actually was off-hand (although i put that down to my shockingly awful memory!), but this was certainly one of the first.

        The first might have been either Burnout Paradise, or maybe the Sega Collection? Pass.

        Either way, this one followed pretty close.

        Oh & i usually celebrate naked, so keep that pipe away from me!

      • Taps pipe,

        There’ve been too many for you to remember your first?

        You hussy!

      • No, i don’t remember the first one.

  3. This one was my very first platinum trophy.
    I bought the game on release, and don’t regret it.Depiste being short it actually has quite some replay value (I finished it about 7 times in a week before it started to bore me slightly.
    The gunplay mechanics were very good, in my opinion. I think it’s a shame GRIN was shut down…

    • Especially when they working on a sequel.

  4. Been looking for a cheap copy of this for a while. Really enjoyed the demo but that was wayyy back.

  5. I really enjoyed this game. Definately worth a purchase at those prices.

  6. Will check both out. Cheers.

  7. I will keep an eye out for it, sounds worth a play. I might rewatch the movie again first, if mostly for the cheeks ;)

  8. Def a hidden gem this one, and a game I’d recommend if it wasn’t Gamepocalypse November.

  9. I must admit it was fun playing that game I borrowed it from a friend and was very suprised to get a Platinum in 2 days! Very short indeed but should be very dirt cheap now!
    As for Forrest on 1st Platinum following by drinking wee Jack Daniels by the window next to jikomanzuko I believe it was CoD: WaW
    Man I have nightmares with raining grenades in every mission *shivers*

  10. I don’t get it. Whose bum cheeks?

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