How To Steal In Skyrim

Dear liza..

The game has barely hit the shelves and someone has already found a cheeky cheat within Skyrim.

You could spend hundreds of hours perfecting your light fingered technique, hiding in the shadows, misdirecting your target or cast  a cunning spell… or you could stick a bucket on their head.

You can read our bucket-free review of Skyrim right here.  We suggest you do.

Source: YouTube


  1. No reaction from having a fireball blasted in your face?!

  2. I’ve just watched it. Bloody hell that’s funny! I’mma exploilt it when I fire it up.

  3. I am assuming Bethesda actually put this in the game, expecting someone to find it?
    The game model must be programmed in such a way to react when something is placed over their heads.
    If it wasn’t programmed in, then normal play would act out as if nothing was actually on the models head right?

    That is however absolutely hilarious

  4. Absolute genius. Ingenuity at its best.

  5. Lmao hilarious.

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