How To Steal In Skyrim

The game has barely hit the shelves and someone has already found a cheeky cheat within Skyrim.

You could spend hundreds of hours perfecting your light fingered technique, hiding in the shadows, misdirecting your target or cast  a cunning spell… or you could stick a bucket on their head.


You can read our bucket-free review of Skyrim right here.  We suggest you do.

Source: YouTube



  1. That is absolutely effing brilliant!! Oh dear god. I have tears in my eyes with the opening few seconds. The idea is so beautifully simple and I love how they don’t mind having buckets placed on their heads.

    Awesome. Just awesome.

    • Genius. Imagine you run a shop and someone would just put a bucket on your head and the next thing you see is an empty shop with the same guy lurking around and you don’t suspect a thing. Absolutely brilliant.

      • Check your local newspapers tomorrow for such similar incidents at newsagents and off licences .

  2. That is awesome, I’m so trying that later on.

  3. Haha – That’s genius!!

    The best thing about it? The fact that they get annoyed when the buckets get stolen!!

    It’s almost like a bizarre stockholm syndrome – Like they wish to return to their bucket euphoria! :)

  4. I like how they didn’t mind having a bucket over their heads. Although i really hope the phyics are improved as Oblivion’s was a pain in the butt. You had to fight against it.

    • I have this whole foreplay thing wrong. The thing women REALLY want is to have their heads and faces massaged by two kilos of wooden bucket.

      Feel how the wooden splinters ex-foliate your skin, love. Two minutes of that and it’s below-the-buckle action guaranteed!

      • I am very aroused.

      • Then you, good sir, are invited to a game of Find the Sausage, this evening. Front door’s just been painted so you’ll have to use the rear entrance.

      • I love you bunimomike. Will you adopt me, please? :D

      • So that’s what the term she has a large bucket means.

      • You are such a tease Bunny :)

      • ha ha nice replies, made me giggle.

      • effing brilliant bunimomike at his best ^^
        Would pay to watch his show/stand up comendy lol

      • I think you misspelled “kill”. :P

      • Buckets, helping people have sex since 1763.

      • They sure love there wood……

    • My wife like a bit of wood in her face too!

  5. FANTASTIC I love it and I lol’d bad idea at work when boss finds out what I am looking at xD
    Can’t wait to try this out!

    • I can only hope that you can also place a large frock over the head of a dragon. Fingers crossed, eh?

      • haha lol might make the challenge easy to slay off dragons

  6. Whahaha! This is just brilliant. =P

  7. They totally ripped this from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy! :)

  8. That’s a brilliant idea! But it annoys me that they don’t give you the chance to redeem yourself…they just attack straight away. Unless he had already stolen in front of them??

    • He technically stole the buckets, which is why they became hostile.

  9. I sell buckets in my shop, maybe I can expect an increase in bucket sales to the criminals in the area.

    • Just watch as buckets hit the top of the Amazon sales charts.

  10. does this work in GAME if i want a copy of skyrim?

    • Lol you are welcome to try it, but don’t expect it to be quite so successful ;P

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