Sony Announces The ‘UMD Passport’

Sony has announced, in Japan at least, the UMD Passport.

The aim of this is to let owners of PSP UMDs play their games on the Vita by giving them access to download versions at a discounted price.


To activate the UMD Passport you need to:

  • 1. Download a UMD Registration Application from PlayStation Store to your PSP
  • 2. Boot up the UMD Registration Application from your PSP’s XMB menu and insert the UMD game you want to register into the system.
  • 3. Follow the prompts to register your UMD disc with your PSN account
  • 4. You can then download the downloadable version of your game at a discounted price.

Apparently around 200 titles will be supported, with the likes of Square Enix, Capcom, Konami and Sega contributing.  The list is here.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Discounted price? :/

    • I know, what a piss take. >.< They probably think we should thank them for this.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty pissed off too.

        I do not want to buy games I already own.

    • Didn’t see you moaning when Sony release PS1/2 Classics on PSN. You have to buy the same game again on there too.

      • You don’t actually. The PS3 can play PSOne games, the option’s there for downloading the classics if you possibly lost or never picked up a copy before.

        This is different. The Vita can’t play PSP games and instead I have to purchase the same game again if I want to play it on my shiny new device. Of course, if the game is upscaled and has trophies then i wouldn’t mind paying, but at the moment I’m not sure that’s the case.

        This isn’t really a big issue for me as I don’t really have any intention of playing old games on a new device when there’s bold new ones on the horizon, it’s just the principle.

  2. So, Sony are allowing us to buy the same thing again? I’m all over that! I do it with milk all the time. I guess it’s different milk though. I hope it is. Urgh, what if it’s not! Urgh :-(

  3. You two up top, they’re allowing you to have the discounted title as well as the original to sell… it still a bit annoying mind, not that I have any UMD’s about the house.

  4. they’re giving us the chance to buy games we already own, again, so generous. o_O

    • You can still sell your UMD and maybe even make up for the discounted price. I don’t understand these complaints. You don’t get a discount on Blu Rays if you own the movie on DVD.

      • Oh, and if you replace you whole PSP by exchanging all or only your favourite UMDs you can even sell that and probably make a profit while keeping some games depending on how many you have and want to keep…

      • Theres one problem with that theory. Once the PSV launches the trade value of PSP games is going to drop, significantly. but the price of digital replacements will probably stay the same as new PSP games, minus 10 or 20% for the discount. And you might not get a discount on Blu-rays, but most come with a free digital copy, which should be the case here and your actually paying for an improved version. I’m willing to bet the digital replacements will be exact PSP copies with no improvements to quality.

      • Sorry I disagree. The RRP of the game will be still high. The discounted price will still be higher than the umd.

        There’s no way to make a profit unless you sell the PSP and the games for more than you bought it.

      • As long as the actual discount is unknown there is no way to know for sure. If the discount turns out to be 50-70% (unlikely but can you prove that this will not be the case?) then there is a good chance that you will at least break even by selling your used game and maybe your PSP itself.

      • Yeah, I should have clicked on the link where the discounts are already listed. Ignore what I just wrote… :D

      • The difference is that Blu Rays are higher quality than DVDs so your argument doesn’t really work unless the original game is getting upscaled and having trophies added to it, in which case I may buy the discounted version. However, as far as I know, this isn’t the case.

    • Don’t forget the large memory card you will have to stump up for..

  5. Owning quite a few UMDs I’m just glad I’ve still got a perfectly good working PSP to play them on. Can’t see me being desperate to swap them over at any point, but nice to have the option I suppose.

  6. I bet “discounted price” is going to be a measly 10% or something…

    • Yeah, it should be pennies though..

  7. I’m still annoyed at this, I had a few UMDs until I got PSP Go! with 5 free games and 3 free games from previous UMD, so I got 3 free games from UMD to digital = Bonus and an extra 5 free games (2 were great 3 were utter rubbish!)
    Well I only plan to get Vita for Uncharted!

  8. Nofi/Michael: I take it neither of you are familiar with the Virtual Console service on the Wii, which also “allows you to buy the same thing again”?. Minus the discounted prices of course.

    • I’ve bought a few things from the Virtual Console bit of the Wii store that I never owned the originals of. Isn’t it different offering old classics (like the PSOne stuff on PSN, too) and offering to let you download a game, for a fee, if you own the disc?

      For comparison, I have bought PCCD games which then allow me to enter a code and download them through Steam. Seems like a slightly more pertinent analogy to me, although still not perfect.

      • the point is, if you have the snes/nes carts theres no way of downloading them for free to play on the wii either (which is fair enough as it is a totally different console, as is the vita).

        I can fully understand why this is, its incredibly difficult to allow that kind of thing without opening yourself to massive amounts of abuse – how do you stop someone from getting the vita version of a UMD and then passing the UMD along to a friend for example.

      • This doesn’t fit with the anti-secondhand model of the game not really being yours, you just buy a licence to play the game etc. The game companies need to make up their mind.

      • that’s a point Geffdof, according to the publisher the delivery medium is irrelevant, it’s the license for the game that you’re buying.
        so if the device supports that game, your license should be valid, right?

  9. Guess they’re covering their behinds from people who will (no doubt) find a way to exploit the system.

    This is just like the online pass, really. They know people can pick up most games for a few £££ now on the second hand market, and this is a way of making a bit of money back from that pre-owned market.

    You can’t blame them, though.

  10. dunno why people in the comments are getting so bent out of shape about this, PSone classics, PS2 classics, HD remakes, Virtual Console and digital xbox games… this isnt anything new and I’m surprised sony have even gone for the discounted price, i half expected they would just go and charge full whack

    • HD remakes are a very different thing, being reworked and overhauled, and I don’t own an xbox game that doesn’t work on my 360 so those two examples aren’t really relevant, the others however are (though I am unfamiliar with Virtual console). I still don’t find it palatable though and just because there’s a precedent doesn’t mean people have to like it. Not arguing, just offering a different perspective :)

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